Gorgeous Derby Sunshine


Today I should have stayed in and tidied up / done my studio soldering.

But I looked outside and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Just a sheen of magical blue.

So I popped into town and took some pics. I haven’t adjusted the saturation of these pics, I just bunged a polariser on the front of my 17-40 to darken up the already gorgeous sky.

It was one of the most beautiful days in town I can remember. I think it was so clear and sparkly cos it was very windy and the normal sandwich of smog that sits over Derby had been blown away. Today, the air was as crystal clear as Norwich’s. The light was sumptuous, it reminded me of being in Milan, everything had that kind of glow to it. It really bought out some of the fantastic buildings in Derby. There were loads of pretty girls out in the sunshine but today I was more hooked by architecture than female pulchritude. Yep, I’m getting old…

Click here for the pics!