Sigma 85mm f/1.4 Art Lens Test Shot

As a birthday pressie to myself, I bought the Sigma 85mm f/1.4 Art Lens.

Most of my portraiture is shot at 50mm, either with my f/1.8 or f/1.2 Canon lenses. I’d thought about getting an 85mm for a while now but the price of the Canon versions made me baulk. Then, along comes the Sigma, highly rated in reviews and I only have to sell the one kidney to buy it ~ RESULT!

When it arrived, I was struck by two things: first, how well made it feels, easily comparable to the silky smoothness of Canon L-series lenses. And secondly…. boy, is it made out of fucking neutronium or what? This is not a light lens (although it is a light lens as it’s a f/1.4… hehhhh). The 85mm on my Canon 5D Mk 4 is untenably heavy, I would want to use at least a monopod if I was shooting for longer than ninety minutes, preferably a tripod. Mounted (via the Sigma adaptor) on my Sony A7R3 and it’s lot more heftable, though the Sony looks slightly ridiculous hanging off the back of it. Like a chihuahua shagging a hippo. If I was tripod mounting this combo, I’d definitely want it to be via a lens ring rather than the camera body.

Luckily, my mate Nat was free to do some test shots and this is some of what we got:


Nat 85mm Test Shots

Enjoy! 😀

Panasonic DMC-LX15 Test Night Shots

Panasonic DMC-LX15

I recently got an LX15 to replace my trusty Sony RX100Mk3 which, sadly, has been dropped one too many times and is a bit grumpy and temperamental, like a certain R2 unit.

So far, I’m loving the LX15. It’s rocking the same 1″ sensor that all the high-end compacts have been forced to move to by the success of the RX100 line. But it has pluses like a very usable touch screen and a slightly wider maximum aperture.

I just took the above shots after clubbing one night, expecting them to be blurry, fuzzy, hideous messes. But, with a little tweaking, I got something quite lovely and a little spooky.

I’ll try to post some more average test shots soon! 😀

Derby Festé 2013

28/09/2013 19:06

Whoop! I do love Festé, when it rolls around, it’s always the sign that autumn is here, next up is Halloween!

This year, I didn’t get to see as much of the festé frolics as normal as I’ve been snowed-under with video editing work (the results of which will appear on here shortly).

28/09/2013 19:07

I got into town just in time to see FlameOz at Cathedral Green and they were very impressive. All manner of fiery, very dangerous-looking dancing and twirling and whirling.

28/09/2013 19:15

Thankfully, no-one ended up as a flaming kebab.

28/09/2013 19:23

Then was DJ Yoda. I was a bit wary about this because I thought it sounded a bit passive. After all, essentially we’re just watching a massive screen while a bloke twiddles some decks off to the side, Wizard of Oz-stylee. But I was wrong, Yoda created a performance of live video/audio scratching that got the hundreds of people there singing and dancing and whooping. The best bit for audience involvement was when he played the chiptune version of Blur’s ‘Song 2’ and the crowd filled in the singing.

Nat And Alex

Alex and Nat turned up and had a boogie along with me.

28/09/2013 18:53

Then we headed to the Market Place where I got some of the tasty grub above and we caught a tiny bit of the Indian drummers:

28/09/2013 21:04

After that, we were a bit too cold and went for a coffee before heading off home. Wish I’d got to see more but it was still a great night and another reason to love Derby. 😀

Hugo & Nat

Nat’s new puppy, Hugo, came to visit and he had a great time running around my garden, sniffing things and generally being loveable.

Of course, he’s totally in love with Nat, as you can tell by this pic:

Hugo and Nat - 04

Click here for more Hugo! 😀


On Tuesday night, the snow cancelled our BSL lesson so Nat and I went to visit her sis, Amy and her new baby, WILBUR!

Wilbur is a pug puppy. But he’s more than that: he’s a little gentleman, he’s a fat little sausage, he’s a bitey gremlin, he’s a moon-eyed cherub.

I totally fell in love with the little feller, of course, as you can see from this pic:

Wilbur! - 23

He’s irresistible. I want to tickle him and tease him and smush his silly face and grab his tiny tail. He was quite tired out after a couple of hours of that!

Oh, and here’s a video of the little chap, too. Enjoy! 😀

More Paris Pics

Ahh, I miss it so much!