Carsington Water June 2023

Carsington Reservoir- 06

Today, I did a test trip to Carsington Reservoir to see if I could have a walk about and how knackered I got.

I took these pics as I was ambling. Verrrry slowly.

It was wonderful to be out in the sun, I always love the quality of sunshine there and being to see soooo far away. It gives one a real feeling of smallness in nature, something it’s easy to lose when you’re just in your house 24/7 like I am. Like a barnacle.

So I wandered but quickly got achey and felt a bit lightheaded. On the way home, I stopped at Croots and stocked up on tasty bits and bobs, thereby erasing any calories I expended on the walk. It’s traditional.

Since getting home, I’ve been bingeing Midsomers and processing pics. It’s 2.07am now, time for a coffee and some Croots fruitcake.

Bunker Pop, Alex And The Christopher Hale Band, Marty – Live At Dubrek, Derby, 31/5/23

Went out to see three bands at Dubrek tonight!

Marty - 6

First on were Marty who played a fun, high-energy set with lovely three-part harmonies and some good shouting. Who doesn’t like bands shouting together, always gets the crowd going! Also, I like the Doorsy move of having the keyboardist play bass, no mean feat along with the other complex twiddly bits she was doing.

Alex And The Christopher Hale Band - 4
Alex And The Christopher Hale Band

Next on were Alex And The Christopher Hale Band presenting a series of funny / sad vignettes. One of them (I can’t remember the title, sadly) was strangely touching, there was real pathos in the imagery. Best person in the band was the bassist, of course. 😛

Bunker Pop - 8
Bunker Pop

Last were Bunker Pop who kind of reminded me of Grandaddy but like, a JOYOUS Grandaddy, if that makes sense? Interweaving guitars and synths, surfed over by wry vocals, these Hullists had great energy and an easy friendliness with the audience that Royal Blood could learn a thing or two from. Sadly, I had to leave before the end of their set as my long Covid kicked in with a vengeance – I was too tired to even stop for food on the way home.

BUT I had a cool night, it was good being able to actually make it out to a gig again, even though I knackered myself. And Dubrek is such a cool venue. ?

Here’s to more gigs!

All the pics are in an album here.

Honor 5 Magic Pro First Test Shots

I haven’t upgraded my phone in four years, partly because my Huawei P30 Pro is the best phone I’ve ever had. I kept looking at the new phones and thought… eh, not worth the upgrade.

Today, the Honor 5 Magic Pro arrived and I’m currently trying it out. I’m wary, as ever – I’ve bought and returned four phones in the last four years. And part of me keeps hoping that the iPhone will retrieve its laurels as best phone possible but that seems ever more unlikely. Apple phone design is defiantly safe and shuns innovation now, you only get that in the Android arena.

Sooo… how is my new phone doing so far?

Well, these are straight out of the camera, not even cropped. The only thing I’ve done is title them.

I am very impressed with the camera in this phone, some of the images are approaching DSLR quality, there’s a feel that’s quite lovely.

Obviously, I’ve only had it for a few hours so it might yet blow up or start crashing or whatever but it’s off to a good start.