Last Ever Palfrey

Last Ever Palfrey
The Palfrey has long been one of my fave eating places in Derby. I popped in the other week while I was in town getting some snaps off Iyisha.

Tom, the head honcho, was at work and told me the whole business is moving out of town.

I felt quite sad, don’t know why. They’re not closing, just re-locating.

I guess it’s because it feels like another nail in the coffin of Derby’s city centre shopping/dining culture.

BUT it’s not shutting… just moving! STAY POSITIVE!

Ladybird Invasion

I saw some familiar round shapes on one of my windows and thought, ‘Oh, there must be a little nest or something.’ Came downstairs, looked at my patio windows and… loads of ladybirds!

I don’t know why they all came out at one go, I’ve never seen that happen before. Is this another climate change thing?

Here’s some pics of the beautiful critters anyway, enjoy!

Ladybird - 07

(No flying ant day this year, I must have missed it. But this is pretty close!)

Helios 44M 58mm f2 Test Shots

Conifer Bonifer

Check out the gallery above for some Helios 44M 58mm f2 test shots.

First impressions: it’s way sharper than I expected and I could easily become re-seduced by the simplicity of on-barrel focus and aperture controls. Putting the EM1 into Manual mode and judging shots by the lightmeter also made me very nostalgic. The Helios produces a very pleasing bokeh and though it does flare, it’s easily avoided. Unless you’re going for that flarey, washed out look, of course.

Most of my Oly lenses have easy focus rings but now I’m wishing they had equally accessible aperture control.