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Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Jyoti Mishra. According to my server stats, there’s an 83% probability you’re viewing this page because in 1997 I had a brief flirt with fame when my band, White Town, had an international number one hit with my song ‘Your Woman.’ You can find out plenty of detail behind what happened then in some of the rants on this site. Though I’ve left out the bit about EMI reducing me to crying in the bath.

(You can listen to and buy all my non-EMI stuff by clicking here!)

I was born in India and moved to Britain with my family when I was three. We moved around a lot when I was young and I ended up in Derby at around the age of ten. I was the annoying know-it-all kid at school, a title I held alongside fattest lad. I left school at 16 specifically to go on the dole and join a band. I’ve been a songwriter since then.

I became a revolutionary Marxist in the ’80s, via the orthodox Trots known as the Militant Tendency. It was the best education I’ve ever had. Nowadays I tend more towards anarcho-syndicalism, although I still believe that Marx has the only sensible analysis of society and economics.

The music I’ve made has always been unpopular pop. I’ve never been trendy or part of any scene and that hasn’t changed since having the EMI blip. I also love DJing and have been doing that since the late 80s. If you’ve seen your band on a playlist of mine, the odds are I’ve probably downloaded your stuff off the net – as a preview only, I always buy music I like!

I love getting email but if you’re about to click below and you’re some right-wing nutter / Trump-lover / Nazi / born-again fundamentalist loony / rotten Vermicious Knid please save yourself the effort as I just delete all my hate mail. Also bear in mind that I get a huge amount of email every day so please don’t be offended if I take ages to reply or never do, as I’d quite like to leave the house every now and then.

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