• The End Of Star Trek Prodigy

    I just shed a little tear because I am going to miss #STProdigy. There were some truly great bits of Trek in there and I like that it kept the original utopian Roddenberrian vision going.

    I’d rate it below #StrangeNewWorlds but slightly above #Discovery and way, way, waaaaay above #Picard in terms of #NuTrek

  • Don’t Sign Up With Surfshark

    Fuck me – trying to get a refund from #Surfshark is a complete pain in the arse.

    They have a retention squad as determined as #VirginMedia.

    I would thoroughly NOT recommend them to anyone based on the insane amount of captchas when you use them and the ‘free trial cancel easily’ is not true.

    They make it an absolute, multi-email, multi-day pain to cancel.


    FUCK ME!

    I’ve now had to send #Surfshark FIVE please refund me emails, each one they’ve responded to with ‘How about we DON’T refund you? Keep using us, we’re GREAT!’

    SO, I just threatened them with my lawyers to try and get my money back from them.




    They are officially worse than #VirginMedia now and I don’t say that lightly.

  • The USA Just Keeps On Murdering

    (Source: AP News)

    Now the pier has served its purpose, a staging post for US troops to murder 274 innocent Palestinians in cold blood, they’re taking it down.

    Hollywood will make a film about this in a few years. It’ll be focussed on how the poor US troops have PTSD from the war crimes they committed.

    People will watch it and cry, saying, ‘Look how complex and horrible war is!’

    Truly, the West is the most civilised and noble force on this planet!

  • AI My Arse


    fires up google docs

    ‘Hmm, what’s a synonym for this word? I’ll just right-click it like in Word… nope. That lets me define it, save it, create an AI haiku from it but no synonyms.’

    THIS is the state of current AI-worship: the shit we need, we don’t get, the shit we get, we DON’T FUCKING NEED.

    jfc, sort it out you utter barrel of twats.

    Meanwhile, back to bloody Word, I guess. Fuck me.

  • Rewritten By Machine On New Technology

    “They took the credit for your second symphony
    Rewritten by machine on new technology
    And now I understand the problems you could see”

    – kind of hits different nowadays, doesn’t it?

    Check below for one of the best pop songs ever AND bonus baby Hans Zimmer trying not to laugh into camera: