Why Not Trident Relief?


Comic Relief has raised more than £40m during an eight-hour TV show which featured sketches starring Tony Blair, Kate Moss and a host of comedians.
(Source: BBC News)

So… jovial mass-murderer Tony Blair has gamely joined in with Comic Relief and helped raise £40m.

Forty million pounds – that’s about enough for a a couple of tailfins on the new Trident missile, innit?

Think of all the thousands of Britons who worked (and laughed) hard yesterday, giving up their time and effort to raise money for good causes. I have no doubt of where their hearts and priorities lie. What they value is community, care, education and helping those at the sharp end of our society.

Tony Blair, on the other hand, wants to spend SEVENTY-SIX THOUSAND MILLION POUNDS of OUR MONEY on nuclear bombs. That’s his priority. Homeless people, abused kids, education programs, hospices – they’re all worthless to Blair compared to shiny bombs. He LOVES bombs.

So… here’s a modest proposal:


Let’s take that SEVENTY-SIX THOUSAND MILLION POUNDS earmarked for Trident and instead give it to all the charities that were helped yesterday by Comic Relief. Yep, the whole lot.

Then, to finance his beloved bombs, Tony Blair can appear in some hilarious sketches and then appeal for donations towards funding Trident at the end.

Seems fair to me – if we genuinely want nuclear bombs, we’ll all phone up and put our money in for Blair.

After all, if Blair thinks charity is a great way to run our society, to take care of those people least able to take care of themselves, then why can’t we use it to fund Trident?

Or are people less important than bombs?