The Police State

Police State In Britain

The sister of two men arrested after an anti-terror raid said armed police “stormed in” the east London property without identifying themselves.

Humeya Kalam told BBC News: “To us they were just burglars, to us it was pitch dark, just lights and guns everywhere”.

Brothers Abul Koyair, 20, and Mohammed Abdul Kahar, 23, who was shot in the shoulder, were released without charge a week after the raid in Forest Gate. The brothers, who had been held under the Terrorism Act 2000, were released on Friday after police found no trace of an alleged chemical device at their home.
(Source: BBC News)

Shot in the shoulder by our boys in blue. And yet… no charges, no evidence of wrongdoing of any kind.

Reminds me of Jean Charles de Menezes. At least this time the innocent man is still alive, despite being seriously wounded.

Presumably, the police will embark on another round of cover-ups and gross misinformation, as they did when they murdered de Menezes. And our mass media will unquestioningly repeat it all to us, verbatim. There’s only one version of events we see on TV news: the police version.

Little by little, we are all being indoctrinated with the New Blair Order. I’ve heard people talking about this, going, “Ah, it’s unfortunate but we’re fighting terrorism so what do you expect?”

Well, I expect that the police should have hard, reliable evidence before they storm into innocent people’s houses and shoot them.

We’re scared of terrorism because murderers like Al Quaeda see nothing wrong in taking innocent people’s lives for their lunatic cause. It now appears that the British police are operating with the same principle. The end justifies the means. Anyone who dares to raise the fact that we’re living in an increasingly surveilled and oppressed police state is shouted down as in some way being pro-terrorist.

Let me make this clear: I’m against anyone who seeks to harm me or mine. I don’t care if they’re idiot fundamentalists or racist police, they have no right to harm me or take away my freedom.

Everyday, we are being told by Blair’s cronies that we must give up our freedom in order to protect our freedom. The mass media repeats this nonsensical statement without even a hint of a smile.

Meanwhile, our police waste their time harrassing political dissidents and shooting innocent civilians instead of protecting us from our real enemies.

And now the joke: how do you reduce serious gun crime in the UK?

Take the guns off the police.