• Israel Murders Three British Citizens

    World Central Kitchen (WCK) founder José Andrés says he is “heartbroken” over the deaths of aid workers in a strike by Israel – which he has urged to stop its “indiscriminate killing”. 

    Seven of the US-based food charity’s workers were killed on Monday when leaving a warehouse in Gaza. 

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has acknowledged that Israel’s forces hit “innocent people”.

    In his statement, Mr Andrés said he was grieving for the victims’ families. 

    “These are people… angels,” he wrote in a post on X, formerly Twitter. “They are not faceless… they are not nameless.” 

    “The Israeli government needs to stop this indiscriminate killing,” he added. “It needs to stop restricting humanitarian aid, stop killing civilians and aid workers, and stop using food as a weapon.” 

    In a separate statement, WCK’s chief executive officer Erin Gore said the killing of the aid workers was “unforgivable”. 

    “This is not only an attack against WCK, this is an attack on humanitarian organizations showing up in the most dire of situations where food is being used as a weapon of war,” she said.

    Source: BBC News

    Israel murders three British citizens in cold blood and still no sanctions, we’re STILL selling them weapons??

    Can you see how twisted that is? If China or Russia had murdered three Brits, the world would be echoing with consequences. For apartheid state Israel – nothing.

  • Israel Tortured False Confessions From UNWRA Employees

    Remember when Israel said it had proof all of UNWRA was riddled with Hamas?

    And with this “proof,” they got their partners in genocide, the Western democracies, to withhold aid and thereby kill yet more Gazans?

    Turns out to be yet more bullshit and this time they TORTURED detainees to fabricate it. All this is from an *Israeli* newspaper:

    The document says several UNRWA Palestinian staffers had been detained by the Israeli army, and added that the ill-treatment and abuse they said they had experienced included severe physical beatings, waterboarding, and threats of harm to family members.

    “Agency staff members have been subject to threats and coercion by the Israeli authorities while in detention, and pressured to make false statements against the Agency, including that the Agency has affiliations with Hamas and that UNRWA staff members took part in the 7 October 2023 atrocities,” the report says. (Source: Times Of Israel)

    Do you think this will make the front pages, like the original lies did?

    Will there be condemnation of Israel’s torture in Parliament?

    Just how evil does Israel have to be before our crooked politicians realise it’s going to cost them votes and therefore money?

  • Coffee With Robbie

    Black Leather Sofa

    Just some pics in town, chuntering with Robbie.


    There is a woodlouse travelling across the vast plane of my carpet.

    As I pick up the woodlouse in my spoon and watch it trying to scurry up the sides, I wonder – is this the equivalent of a human space traveller falling into a wormhole? What incredible velocity is it experiencing as I transport it to my front door and open it? Will it regale its fellow arthropods with incredible tales of Ur-space?



  • Rock The Casbah (2013)

    From the opening introduction by Omar Sharif, I knew I was going to love this film, it was simply a matter of how deep that love would be.

    Well, it’s 9/10 deep.

    The story is that patriarch Moulay Hassan Bel Amor, (played by Sharif) has passed away and his family and friends are gathering to mourn him, remember him and, as it turns out, occasionally curse him.

    Beyond that, I’ll give no spoilers here but this family, like all families, has long-buried secrets and pain that it ignores as best it can.

    The central role is that of Sofia (Morjana Alaoui), one of the daughters who has not been home in years. She’s now a successful Hollywood actress and has her own reasons for estrangement from the wider family. Now, she’s back in the family home, accompanied by her young son.

    Through the frame of the loss of their father, the remaining three sisters and mother examine both his and their lives. This could be clunky and awkward but it all unfolds elegantly and believably: no lumpy exposition dumps here. Writer/director Laïla Marrakchi balances the interweaving narratives perfectly.

    Some of the plots are slyly humorous, some of them tragic but they balance and in that balance they feel real, they connect. It would have been easy to gallop into shouty family revelation drama or overdose on whimsy and farce. Rock The Casbah does neither and though all the cast are fabulous in their portrayals, the lion’s share of the credit must go to Marrakchi – her command of the art form of cinema shines in every scene, in every frame.

    The cast also mesh without a hiccup, the three central sisters’ relationship in particular is detailed and rich, one second they’re screaming at each other, the next crying on each other’s shoulders. And it all makes emotional sense. But, truly, the entire ensemble are all on 100% here, there’s not a single actor who isn’t in the same vibe as the rest of them.

    I really love this film and I know I’ll be thinking of scenes from it years from now. It’s funny, sad, and leaves you thinking about more than you think the film explicitly addressed.

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