Sad Girl In Birds

On the way home from seeing my Mummy, I popped into Birds at the Oakwood Precinct as I fancied some of their sausage rolls.

The girl who served me was around 5″2′, nineteen, maybe twenty and quiet. Not in an unfriendly manner, just reserved.

My first job was on a till, I know how much customers can make you feel invisible, irrelevant.

So, I asked her:

“How’s your day going?”

“Oh, not too bad,” she replied, “But this weather is mad – one minute hot, next minute cold and it’s October!”

“That’s climate change for ya!” was my very poor attempt at some banter.

She looked at me with a face full of worry well past her years and said:

“It makes me not want to have children. Why would you bring children into a world like this?”

My heart broke. It really did.

“I’m really sorry my generation did nothing and our parents did nothing. I’m sorry your generation have to deal with this shit.”

We could both tell we’d perhaps gone too real in what was meant to be meaningless shop chitchat.

She did a brave smile, “That’s okay… Umm… did you want a receipt?”

“No, it’s okay. You have a good day.”

“You too!”

Free Palestine Derby Demo 14/10/23


Today, I went on the local demo in support of the innocent people of Gaza and against the war crimes Israel is currently carrying out against them:

Israel may be on the verge of a “mass ethnic cleansing” of Palestinians in Gaza in the wake of the bloody Hamas attack, a United Nations expert has warned.

… Francesca Albanese, UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian Territory, has warned that Palestinians may be facing another “Nakba”, or forced expulsion from their land.

The Nakba — or “catastrophe” in Arabic — refers to the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from the territory during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war.

“There is a grave danger that what we are witnessing may be a repeat of the 1948 Nakba, and the 1967 Naksa, yet on a larger scale. The international community must do everything to stop this from happening again,” said Ms Albanese in a statement on Saturday.

And she added:  “Israel has already carried out mass ethnic cleansing of Palestinians under the fog of war.

“Again, in the name of self-defence, Israel is seeking to justify what would amount to ethnic cleansing.”

Source: The Independent

Not one person at the Derby rally spoke in support of Hamas, in fact they all condemned their actions. What I heard were people pleading for the people of Gaza to be supported internationally in exactly the same way as the people of Ukraine are.

Where are the Western jet fighters and weapons for this occupied people?

The children and other innocents killed by the criminal attacks of Israel?

Hey, that’s just war. So sad, nothing to be done. Oh well.

I dread to check the news to see what’s happened. Will the Israelis tell people to leave via Rafah and then bomb them? Will it be more white phosphorous?

The only heartening news is that the people of the UK know they’re being lied to about this situation, we know that Palestinians are not seen as humans by our media. Today, I’m proud to have been part of nationwide demonstrations.

If we keep marching and shouting and protesting enough, eventually even our craven politicians will hear us.

Free Palestine!


Still from the film A Good To Die Hard. The still shows Bruce Willi and Jai Courtney walking in fron of ekoctera


… I was watching #AGoodDayToDieHard and I noticed that the cinematography was beautiful.


Any frame you pause looks like an intricately composed and lit still. The mix of ambient, reflected, hair and edge lighting is soooo well done. And then there are the scenes where lowlight is balanced against club lasers, distant car lights and street lighting.

Jonathan Sela, everyone. Just a brilliant cinematographer.

Sheroes (2023)

This film is exactly as good as any of the Fast & Furious films, Expendables or Megs 1&2. It is WAAY more fun and watchable than the last Jurassic Blah film. It is not as good as The Bourne Identity or Oceans Thirteen. It is not trying to be The Bicycle Thieves or The 400 Blows.

Why the hatred for a simple, popcorn action film? Maybe some people just don’t like seeing young women as action stars? Because they’re “unbelievable.” Really? To say they’re unbelievable means you believe ancient Arnie or Harrison Ford can leap about like spider monkeys. (Clue – they can’t.)

All the central actresses delivered great performances from what was, admittedly, occasionally lumpy dialogue. (But still better written dialogue than A New Hope, let’s be honest.) And the supporting cast were also excellent, the bit on the rocky beach with Love Interest Bloke was genuinely touching. I liked that the head kidnapper got to deliver an anti-US imperialism speech whilst twirling his moustachio. BADGES? WE NEED NO STINKING BADGES!

Okay, there were some silly bits. But Will Smith punched an alien in Independence Day – you don’t watch popcorn action films for cinema verite. In fact, partially what defines an action film is ridiculous stunts that make you throw said popcorn at the screen. The third act of Sheroes has plenty of those moments, you’re gonna need a bigger bucket.

Criticisms: there is some choppy editing going on. Like the last scene when they end up next to the plane but the audience is given no wide shot before they get there so it appears as if by magic. And what’s with the weird held shot when they’re walking up the stairs? I feel like they’d planned to throw a comic book filter on or something but couldn’t be arsed in the end so it ends up well stilted.

But I’ll forgive all that for the sense of fun, the beautiful scenery and the way that, unlike the increasingly pompous Fast series, this film blatantly does not take itself seriously. There’s no grave musings on the importance of FAMBLY here. Just women fucking around, having fun and shooting a shit ton of bad guys. YAAAAY!

Bzangy Groink DJing Playlist 28/9/23


Tonight’s TOP NEW TUNE was En Sista by Swedish wonders, Nära Döden. Here it is:

And if you don’t like that, you smell of TORY SEWAGE.

Tonight, youse hoird:

GumMinor SetbackMinor Setback202303:29
LUMERNightmare Without EndNightmare Without End202304:05
PalehoundThe ClutchEye On The Bat202303:10
StuckTime OutFreak Frequency202302:21
Uncle FesterDick VitaleSmooth Jazz Heads202302:13
Yo OGAction! (feat. Ahk Sair)Burgundy202302:28
?????10 ???????Happy Builder202302:14
Che NoirQuiet MovesNoir Or Never202302:25
Aj SuedeMount DoomParthian Shots202303:01
Navy BlueTo Fall In LoveWays of Knowing202302:56
Mason BatesTerrycloth TroposphereMason Bates: Stereo Is King201405:14
ArtbatBreathe In (Short Mix)Breathe In (Short Mix)202304:07
MicrolotHead Under The WavesArchive B202206:25
TrikkMata MataFauna & Flora Remix EP202305:50
Lars Fredrik FrøislieNaturens katedralFire Fortellinger202316:36
Mr. FingersLove to YouAround the Sun Pt.2202305:26
Night BeatsHot GheeRajan202303:44
Ruen BrothersDon’t Know What’s Come Over YouThe Fear202303:01
FlamingodsGutterballDirty Money202303:17
Harms WaySilent WolfSilent Wolf202302:45
Mark MothersbaughBrosCocaine Bear (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)202301:05
Young shushuShushu ChamplooShushu Champloo202303:45
Snapped AnklesBarbecue In BrazilBarbecue In Brazil202203:18
Nabihah IqbalIn LightDREAMER202306:41
Paolo AngeliGomenaAmbient Layers Vol.II202304:22
TrentemøllerHalt and Catch Fire (Main Title Theme)Halt and Catch Fire (Songs from the Amc Television Series)201700:32
Siddhartha KhoslaOnly Murders In The BuildingOnly Murders in the Building (Original Score)202100:51
Geese21223D Country202303:52
Eddie ChaconSundown (Gigi Masin Remix)Sundown (Gigi Masin Remix)202309:23
AudiojackPusherToolroom Amsterdam 2022202204:07
Kembe XThe BasementThe Basement202303:22
PillarsBlack PrayerCavum201905:41
LA LOMMaravillaMaravilla & Lucia202302:19
James GlewRunning OutThe Staircase Mind202310:11
Yussef DayesBlack Classical Music (feat. Venna & Charlie Stacey)Black Classical Music202305:19
Tekneek On The BeatThe RealThe Real202303:35
DeftonesSwerve CityKoi No Yokan201202:44
Johnny DuncanLast Train To San FernandoAsteroid City (Original Soundtrack)202302:28
ReptantSnitches Get GlitchesHalls of Perception202202:56
Alex LaheyThey Wouldn’t Let Me InThe Answer Is Always Yes202302:43
ZélieC’est mon trucZélie c’est quoi ?202303:05
MokoombaNzara HapanaTusona: Tracings in the Sand202304:14
Bear McCrearyFoundation Main TitleFoundation: Season 1 (Apple TV+ Original Series Soundtrack)202101:26
SpyCarceral AttitudeSatisfaction202301:45
Soccer 96Megadrive LamborghiniNova le grand mix 2016202303:59
A Tribe Called QuestAward Tour (feat. Trugoy The Dove)Midnight Marauders199303:46
Girl and GirlAll I SeeAll I See202303:46
WAYDOWNAin’t SureSomething To Move To202301:55
BABY GRAVYYou Need JesusBaby Gravy 3202302:14
Nära DödenEn sistaSlänger ingenting202302:33
SnazzbackStokes Croft Sleep ClinicRuins Everything202304:47
The HousemartinsWe’re Not DeepLondon 0 Hull 4198602:15
Leftwing:KodyWindmillI Want You / Windmill202303:30
Kota the FriendBrick By Brick (feat. Blu)To See A Sunset (Deluxe)202303:00
P.T. AdamczykThe Rebel PathCyberpunk 2077 – Original Score202004:10
Broken Vow1.51.5202302:20
The BurroughsFound My GrooveHoney Imastar202303:13
HexialLost in the Neon CityOrbit and State202304:11
Hans ZimmerLeaving Caladan Dune (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)202101:55
CitizenIf You’re LonelyIf You’re Lonely202304:04
PhotekThe Hidden CameraModus Operandi199706:49
Smashing Pumpkins1979Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Deluxe Edition)199504:26
Future UtopiaDon’t StopDon’t Stop202302:38
Depeche ModeAny Second Now (Altered)Speak & Spell | The 12″ Singles198105:42

Electric Daisy DJing 22/9/23

Photo of me DJing at Electric Daisy: a middle-aged, bespectacled, fat Indian man in a black coat sitting behind a laptop and audio mixer, reaching for a coffee and smiling broadly. 

Photo by Jay Dean @Dubrek

I had such a fun time on Friday night, DJing at Electric Daisy in Derby. Although it had pissed down earlier on, we were lucky with the weather and it was a fine, slightly chilly night. Both Hexial and James Glew did cool sets of very catchy, flowingly melodic bleepy bloopiness. And I did my bit with a serving shiny, bobulating beats, the majority from this year.


Aksak MaboulTalking with the Birds (Standalone Version)202306:15
Tal FussmanMove Your Hips202305:38
Ron MorelliGun Smoke (LP Version)202305:57
Kassem MosseA2202307:06
AccretionistWaypoint Delta – Sol. Region IV202306:58
Noah PredSpinfoam202306:23
Acid ArabDöne Döne (feat. Cem Y?ld?z)202305:46
Tdstrdnb10: Night202304:28
2nd GenMusicians Are Morons200104:10
Bensley & SkyelleAll I Wanted202304:04
WevalChanged For The Better202105:46
Jon HopkinsInsides200904:38
Beta LibraeMegafauna202305:32
Acid ArabLeila (feat. Sofiane Saidi)202304:06
IgorrrCamel Dancefloor202003:13
CardopusherUnseen Terror202303:18
Man ParrishHip Hop Be Bop198205:32
Zoë Mc PhersonBlender202304:52
Perpetual Universe & Dual DeStressDecimation202304:48
OchreDrink Malk200404:45
The NormalWarm Leatherette197803:21
DrumcorpsFriends Forever202304:24
Danger DoomEl Chupa Nibre200502:35
James HypeCrank202202:58

What Took You So Long?

Futurama S11E10 All The Way Down - Leela, the Prof and Amy are at the conference table in the middle of which is his new entire simulated universe.

Sooo… as it was getting near the end of S11E10 of #Futurama (All The Way Down), I thought… they’re not, are they?

And, yep, they did. They copied one of the plot points from #GregEgan’s #PermutationCity which came out in 1994.

So, my theory that #ScienceFiction moves from hardcore to mainstream in around thirty years is, once again, VINDICATED!

They’ll rue the day they expelled me from the academy, those CLAMS!