Five Dead = “Kerfuffle”

Boris Johnson has insisted US democracy remains “strong”, despite the “kerfuffle” over former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

The Senate acquitted Mr Trump of incitement to insurrection following the storming of Congress on 6 January.

Mr Johnson told US broadcaster CBS his relationship with new President Joe Biden was “excellent”.

(Source: BBC News)

An attempted coup is a “kerfuffle” – unbelievable.

Now, if the rioters had been Muslim… you can bet Bojo would be shaking with rage and rattling every sabre available.

Johnson’s support of white supremacy and actual Nazis remains clear.

Home Again (2017)

If you want a feel good film that might make you shed a lil tear of awh but leaves you smiling, this should do the job!

There are romances, there are kisses, there are un-requited passions but there is only one really ridiculous sequence, the rest is very lifelike. The film delivers the hardest thing: make drama seem like everyday life while still being drama.

Excellent performances all round, a hugely refreshing absence of 1950s gender stereotypes and.. you know… some realness in the fantasy!

Above all, it’s an ensemble piece and great to watch a group of actors just having such great chemistry with each other, including the kids who are just too sweet!


The amazing grumpy miracle that is Pudgy <3

So, next to Tumblr, TikTok is my current source of lol solace and cutes. Which would be fine but for every other post being a: 




or some horrifically unfunny prank some straight couple is doing on each other. 

And so, at this juncture, I must ask – 


Your gender archetypes are embarrassing and outdated, your ‘pranks’ are semi-abusive and ARGHHH no-one wants to hear your 1953 hot take on the “biological basis” of women playing Candy Crush. 

I just need tiktok to show me cute kittens, puppies and Pudgy. I don’t mind the dances, some of them are good but the gendered nonsense? 

Nein, danke. 

Space Racism

Yes I noticed. Yes it was meant to be a joke.

Was it funny when a human character referred to two unconscious Vulcans as “Spock and Spock” in Star Trek: Lower Decks?

It was as funny as if a white character had called two unconscious Indians “Patel and Patel.”

I wasn’t funny, it was racist. It’s a classic thing racists do to dehumanise people, it’s a micro-aggression they use so if the attacked complains, they can reply with the old, “Hey it’s a joke, can’t you take a joke?”

The fact that The Expanse doesn’t rely on lazy racist tropes, that it actually doubles-down on the importance of challenging racist behaviour even in the middle of a dogfight is a credit to the show and everyone involved.

#BlackLivesMatter #StandUpToRacism

This is the dialogue from the scene:

Holden: They’re moving into a spread formation.

Bull: Spreading out like that is good tactics. At least one of these skinnies is not an idiot.

Holden: Be grateful. It actually works for us right now. And that’s the last time you use that word on this ship.

Bull: Excuse me?

Holden: I know you’re pissed about Fred and psyching yourself up for the fight, but leave that “skinnies” shit out of it.

Bull: Duly noted.

(Source: S5E10)

Tumblr Revolutionaries

The problem with certain lefties is that they spend more time feuding with other left wingers than fighting actual Nazis / Tories / Republicans. They live fantasy lives, chasing an ideological purity which no actual human could ever attain and, being monolithic, is the actual antithesis of Marxism. They are inflexible and intransigent, refusing to work with others unless they pass some litmus test of worthiness that they, and only they, get to decide. 

In fact, here’s a handy book Lenin wrote about it all in 1920: 

And here it is for the great capitalist price of FREE!

And while I’m on a classics spree, let’s not forget my fave socialist quote: 

“The world political situation as a whole is chiefly characterized by a historical crisis of the leadership of the proletariat.”

(Source: Leon Trotsky, The Transitional Program – The Death Agony of Capitalism and the Tasks of the Fourth International)

And by that, I’m not saying the future leadership of the revolution is on Tumblr, I’m saying that while the left is squabbling internally, the right is happily organising and staging attempted coups. It would be funny if they weren’t actual fucking Nazis.