iTunes 8 Not So Clever

iTunes 8 new visualizer

Soooo… I updated to iTunes 8 tonight. I like the new layout for albums:

iTunes 8 new display

Although iTunes remains rubbish at fetching album art so most of them remain blank.

I also love the new visualizer:

iTunes 8 new visualizer

But the new Genius function seems rushed and half-baked. I’ve tried for the last two hours to get it to work and it simply doesn’t. Maybe my music library is too large (247 gigs at the mo) but even after it chuntered through it all the first time, it never got further than ‘sending information to Apple.’ This is what I keep getting:

iTunes 8 genius

The genius bit really is rather thick. *sigh*

Ah well… in the mean time, have a look at some more pretty iTunes pics:

iTunes 8 new visualizer

iTunes 8 new visualizer

Sign Of The Times

Brably nably

I was just looking at the playlist for my Summer Singalong comp in iTunes and I noticed…

… how much of it I’ve bought as downloads!

Of the nineteen tracks, only four are ripped from CDs I’ve bought. Nine are digital downloads from Emusic, five from iTunes and one from Play.

I guess I’m not buying CDs any more!

That’s sneaked up on me…

It’s probably for the best as I’ve got folder upon folder of de-cased CDs and apart from being quite ugly, they do take up a lot of room.

Roll on crystalline holographic storage! 🙂