Tag: east midlands

  • Wandering Round Town

    Click the above pic to see some sunny shots from the start of last week, when it was briefly gorgeously sunny. I hope the summer makes another appearance before autumn comes calling!

  • The Mystery Jets, Live At The Royal, 10/5/08

    Whooo! On Saturday night I was lucky enough to see The Mystery Jets live at The Royal! Supporting were Esser who managed to surmount a lack of soundchecking and played a fun, bouncy set. They remind me of A Certain Ratio channelled through LCD Soundsystem. Click the pic above for more shots of Esser. And…

  • Earthquake!

    About five to ten minutes ago there was a FUCKING EARTHQUAKE! In Derby! I felt like I was on a trestle table, here on my ground floor. Concrete. I’m really feeling weird now. More as I find out what happened… UPDATE: Earth tremor felt across England People from across large parts of England have reported…