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  • Bille The Vision And The Dancers Live At The Royal, Derby, 24/10/08

    Billie The Vision And The Dancers, live last night! Click the pic for a gallery! If you’re a regular Groinker, you probably already know that I have a soft-spot for Billie The Vision. So, as soon as I heard they were playing in Derby, supporting The Pipettes, I got tickets and me and my mrs…

  • Derby Festé 2008 – Heliosphere & Fireworks

    Heliosphere & Fireworks from Jyoti Mishra on Vimeo. Some more footage from Friday night’s opening program of marvels. This time, a flying lady and some lovely fireworks.

  • Giant Insects Video

    Derby Festé 2008 – Sarruga Insect Invasion from Jyoti Mishra on Vimeo. Ahhh, I love the Sarruga entertainers! 🙂 Look at this post for an explanation!

  • Derby Festé 2008

    WOW! What an absolutely amazing night the opening of Derby Festé 2008 was! Giant insects: Fireworks: And the enchanting Heliosphere pictured at the top. We got into town around eight and were just in time to see the Sarruga insects marching past Bold Lane. I think my fave was the mantis, I loved the way…

  • Quadness

    Yesterday, I went for a meeting at Derby’s new centre for the arts and film, the Quad. I’ve been invited, along with around with a few other peeps, to be a Quad Ambassador. Sadly, this doesn’t mean that I can embark on a crime spree and then scuttle to sanctuary in the Quad. What it…

  • KRCS

    I’ve spent far too much money in this shop! Definitely avoid this shop if you’re an Apple fiend with a credit card on you… 🙂

  • Today Was… Flying Ant Day ’08!

    Well, at least in Derby it was. Walking around town, the little bastards kept flying in my face, down the back of my shirt into my mouth. It’s a few days later than last year’s Flying Ant Day. Maybe they were finishing off the Snow Storm mission on GTAIV. That is particularly hard if your…

  • Derby Carnival 2008

    Ambling round town today with Monsieur Swan, we bumped into Derby Carnival 2008! And guess what – I had no camera on me. Not even my little Fuji compact which is always in my rucksack. I’d taken it out to do some Blue Note pics and forgot to put it back in. 🙁 I hadn’t…

  • Finally, A Great Night Out!

    Click the pic for some shots from tonight! Tonight/this morning/whatever the hell it is now, I’m a happy Jyoti. Things have been quite depressing lately: a funeral, health problems, horrible war news and Derby weirdness. Usually, I can dance myself out of the blues, at least for a short while. I love dancing. I’m no…

  • Iron Man @ Cinema De Lux, Westfield

    I’ve just come back from seeing Iron Man at the new Cinema De Lux at the Westfield Centre. This isn’t a proper review of the film but rather a review of the whole experience… Well, the new cinema is certainly swanky central. Everything is impeccably clean, scrubbed and gleaming. The staff are all well-groomed, well-spoken…

  • Wandering Round Town

    Click the above pic to see some sunny shots from the start of last week, when it was briefly gorgeously sunny. I hope the summer makes another appearance before autumn comes calling!

  • The Mystery Jets, Live At The Royal, 10/5/08

    Whooo! On Saturday night I was lucky enough to see The Mystery Jets live at The Royal! Supporting were Esser who managed to surmount a lack of soundchecking and played a fun, bouncy set. They remind me of A Certain Ratio channelled through LCD Soundsystem. Click the pic above for more shots of Esser. And…

  • The Royal Opening Night

    Click the pic above for a gallery of Derby’s newest venue, the very swanky The Royal!

  • Costa 9/4/08

    Ahhh, some friends and some milky coffee… perfect! Click the pic for the gallery!

  • Blue Note Recently

    Click the pic above for some recent Bluey danceyness. 😀

  • Earthquake!

    About five to ten minutes ago there was a FUCKING EARTHQUAKE! In Derby! I felt like I was on a trestle table, here on my ground floor. Concrete. I’m really feeling weird now. More as I find out what happened… UPDATE: Earth tremor felt across England People from across large parts of England have reported…