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  • Baby Way

    Because everyone needs to see how precious bebe Gerard Way is. <3

  • Todd In The Shadows – One Hit Wonderland

    I’m very flattered and honoured that Todd In The Shadows did this feature on Your Woman. I say feature but it’s actually a short documentary, such is the level of research he put in. So much flattery… eeeeEEEeeee 😛

  • Telex – Haven’t We Met Somewhere Before?

    I only know about Telex cos my mate who worked at WH Smiths with me lent me their album ‘Birds And Bees’ (called ‘Sex’ everywhere else, apparently). I knew nothing about the band, it was 1982, who knew anything about musicians back then? If they weren’t in Smash Hits or on the Oxford Road Show…

  • Mooer Ocean Machine

    Here’s a vid I made of the Mooer Ocean Machine. Very highly recommended, whether you’re a guitarist or keyboardist!

  • White Town – Oh, David

    I’m so happy to announce the you can now buy my new single, ‘Oh, David’ from this link at iTunes: It’s also available on Amazon, Spotify and every other kind of digital doobrie. I hope you like it, buy it and finance me finally getting that yacht! 😛

  • White Town – I Wanna Be Your Ex

    Yaaaay! Above you can see my NEW SINGLE! It’s called ‘I Wanna Be Your Ex’ and it’s now available for download from iTunes US iTunes UK The song is, as ever, about more than one thing. A lot of it is about my frustration with conventional relationships, both sexual and non-sexual and how annoyed I…

  • The Hidden Cameras

    If you haven’t bought The Hidden Cameras‘ new album ‘Age’ yet, you’re missing out on some sublime indiepop. Joel remains one of my favourite songwriters, eleven years after I first fell in love with ‘Music Is My Boyfriend.’ Check out the vid for ‘Gay Goth Scene.’

  • White Town – Anywhere But Here

    This is the last day of this year so it seemed appropriate to stick the last video up from ‘Monopole’ today. In December 2010, I filmed the first video for ‘Monopole,’ ‘Cut Out My Heart.’ Three years on and I’ve done what I set out to do, make a video for each of the eleven…

  • Have I Gone Too Far?

    And here is the penultimate video for ‘Monopole.’ Yep, can’t believe I’ve made ten vids now, only one to go! :-O This one isn’t as narrative-based as the previous vids and I’m pleased with how it’s come out. Obviously, I did my own riff on the vid for ‘Teenage Riot.’ Enjoy!

  • Chlöe Howl – No Strings

    Love this tune!

  • DMK – Enjoy The Silence

    This reaffirms my faith in humanity to an absurd degree. <3

  • Nuclear Explosions, 1945 – 1998

    So, tell me again ~ which is the evil nuclear superpower we should be afraid of?

  • FEMME – Fever Boy

    Sooo obsessed with this song at the mo: YAAAAAY!

  • White Town – I Don’t Want To Fall In Love Again

    Ladies and gentlemen ~ I present you with the ninth pop video I’ve made for a track from my current album, ‘Monopole.’ This track is an acoustic guitar number and the video stars bff Nat, bro Rich and the special effects makeup was beautifully executed by Rhia. Have a watch and if you like it,…

  • RingoLevio – Skyjack

    Indie in the ’80s wasn’t the monolith it’s being sold as now, it was more than just The Smiths and The Cure. There were millions of weird little bands like this, popping up with great pop songs. Looks retro now but I remember seeing it and lusting after the tech in the vid: Apple ][e…

  • Every Monopole Video So Far As A Vine!

  • White Town – Theme For Turku Central Station

    Doing this video was in some ways trickier than the others so far as it’s an instrumental. But thanks to sterling work from Miss Barratt and a whole heap of serendipity, I think it came out well. Enjoy! 🙂

  • White Town – You Fill Me Up

    Woah, I’ve been so busy with Uni work that I completely forgot to post this video up! Hope you like it, there’s another one coming in a few seconds… 😀

  • Wilbur!

    On Tuesday night, the snow cancelled our BSL lesson so Nat and I went to visit her sis, Amy and her new baby, WILBUR! Wilbur is a pug puppy. But he’s more than that: he’s a little gentleman, he’s a fat little sausage, he’s a bitey gremlin, he’s a moon-eyed cherub. I totally fell in…

  • White Town – How Love Feels

    Here’s a new pop video! It’s for the song ‘How Love Feels’ off my current album, ‘Monopole.’ You can buy it on iTunes here or the CD here. The vid stars White Town backing vocalist Natalie Alice Barratt and she’s done a wonderful job, she’s a great actress. Even to the point of falling over…