Sad Girl In Birds

On the way home from seeing my Mummy, I popped into Birds at the Oakwood Precinct as I fancied some of their sausage rolls.

The girl who served me was around 5″2′, nineteen, maybe twenty and quiet. Not in an unfriendly manner, just reserved.

My first job was on a till, I know how much customers can make you feel invisible, irrelevant.

So, I asked her:

“How’s your day going?”

“Oh, not too bad,” she replied, “But this weather is mad – one minute hot, next minute cold and it’s October!”

“That’s climate change for ya!” was my very poor attempt at some banter.

She looked at me with a face full of worry well past her years and said:

“It makes me not want to have children. Why would you bring children into a world like this?”

My heart broke. It really did.

“I’m really sorry my generation did nothing and our parents did nothing. I’m sorry your generation have to deal with this shit.”

We could both tell we’d perhaps gone too real in what was meant to be meaningless shop chitchat.

She did a brave smile, “That’s okay… Umm… did you want a receipt?”

“No, it’s okay. You have a good day.”

“You too!”

Only Bops In The Building

Theme tunes lately, by which I mean the last ten years, have been poor to nonexistent.

But I never skip the theme tune to Only Murders In The Building because it’s a bop. So I googled the composer…

… it’s Siddhartha Khosla who was also in Goldspot who made one of my fave ever albums, Tally Of The Yes Men.

Check out this loveliness:

This has made me soooo happy! I always thought he had a great melodic sense so no wonder I love the Only Murders theme so much.


Do you ever see a porn pic and instead of being aroused (or maybe alongside it), your breath is literally taken away by the person’s absolute, unstoppable, punch-in-the-solar-plexus beauty?

I just saw a pic like that and actually had to say “FUCK!” out loud.

My heart is still thumping a little fast in my chest.

It’s good to know I’m still alive.

Nostalgia For The Good Timeline

Screengrab from the videogame Jetset Radio - cel-shaded skater on the streets,rolling.

Oh fuck, I just did a nostalgia post about #JetsetRadio and I got immediately misty-eyed about the positivity and optimism whenever I remember that game and it’s superneon colours.

… and I realised I was remembering what the world felt like to me pre-9/11? Nothing was the same again.

And we’ve had 2016 and Covid since.

Trying to keep chipper but, fuck me, get me out of this timeline, La’an.

Billionaire Black Holes

Obviously, I’m not an Elon lover but…

Great wealth is like great mass. I think it fundamentally warps the social fabric around it, drawing in all manner of people for one reason only: they want your money.

Billionaires are black holes of wealth. They’re so wealthy that they’ve become social singularities: there is no relationship that their money doesn’t spaghettify.

Even the distant tidal forces of their whims rip apart once-useful things.

Help them: take away all their money.

Neurospicy Songs

I’m working on a new song for a comp and as the lyrics came together, I realised that in the 41 years I’ve been writing songs, 90% of them have been me questioning why I feel things that “normal” people don’t.

At what stage do those of us who are different just accept our differences and stop holding ourselves to impossible metrics?

Me, idgaf. I learnt by the age of seven to ignore orthodoxy. You had to as an Indian kid in ’70s Britain.

I hope kids now have it easier.

Carsington Water June 2023

Carsington Reservoir- 06

Today, I did a test trip to Carsington Reservoir to see if I could have a walk about and how knackered I got.

I took these pics as I was ambling. Verrrry slowly.

It was wonderful to be out in the sun, I always love the quality of sunshine there and being to see soooo far away. It gives one a real feeling of smallness in nature, something it’s easy to lose when you’re just in your house 24/7 like I am. Like a barnacle.

So I wandered but quickly got achey and felt a bit lightheaded. On the way home, I stopped at Croots and stocked up on tasty bits and bobs, thereby erasing any calories I expended on the walk. It’s traditional.

Since getting home, I’ve been bingeing Midsomers and processing pics. It’s 2.07am now, time for a coffee and some Croots fruitcake.

Playing The Feeld

I just joined #Feeld tonight in a triumph of hope over experience.

The number of people up a mountain in their profile pics is quite astounding. Is there a queue at Macchu Picchu now?

Up a mountain, holding a huge glass of beer/wine, only body, no face pic = nope.

Where are the realistic pics of people sitting on their sofas, crying into their take aways?

My pics: me cosplaying #StarTrek, me playing a gig, me being hugely fat.