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  • Teenage Engineering K.O. II

    So, today, this wonderfully stupid doodad arrived: And, after a little confusion cleared up by watching this vid: … I got into fun mode and I’ve been dicking around on it since I got home from Cafe Palestina. It’s huge fun and the built-in speaker makes all the difference. As soon as I have to…

  • Only Bops In The Building

    Theme tunes lately, by which I mean the last ten years, have been poor to nonexistent. But I never skip the theme tune to Only Murders In The Building because it’s a bop. So I googled the composer… … it’s Siddhartha Khosla who was also in Goldspot who made one of my fave ever albums,…

  • New Year, New Music!

    NEW YEAR, NEW MUSICS! I’m on Twitch and last week I did a live acid improv stream. Now, here’s the EP of that night! So, if you’re a fan of acid house or just like minimal, extremely repetitive, annoying electronic music, check it out!

  • Derby EMOM Night 15/12/22

    Here’s a few pics from the recent Derby Electronic Music Open Mic Night at Derby Dubrek. It’s only the second that I’ve been to but I enjoyed it loads and I love that so many acts are on that it keeps everything shaken up. Good point – if you don’t like an act, it’s not…

  • RIP Martin Duffy

    I only just found out today that Martin Duffy of Felt, Primal Scream and The Charlatans died on the 18th December. Here’s the blurb I wrote for the debut White Town single: If you’ve listened to anything I’ve done over the three decades, you know how many times I’ve ripped off Duffy. That fucker was…

  • The Genius And Wonder Of Deerhoof

    “…Young, good looking, narcissistic boys who play horrible music are sometimes popular.” – Satomi Matsuzaki of Deerhoof. From this article by Alexa Peters. <3 <3 <3

  • Telex – Haven’t We Met Somewhere Before?

    I only know about Telex cos my mate who worked at WH Smiths with me lent me their album ‘Birds And Bees’ (called ‘Sex’ everywhere else, apparently). I knew nothing about the band, it was 1982, who knew anything about musicians back then? If they weren’t in Smash Hits or on the Oxford Road Show…

  • New Album On Spotify!


  • New Album! Out on Apple Music now… other sites sooooon…

  • Coming Soon…

  • Choons

    What I have been rocking the last 365 days.

  • Auf Wiedersehen, Florian

    (Source: Without Kraftwerk, we wouldn’t have music as we know it now. Sounds like hyperbole but they were that influential. Everyone from Bowie to Bambaataa, post-punk to hip hop, right up to this week’s chart pop. All music now is electronic music, it’s simply a question of to what degree. I was lucky enough…

  • Top Albums

    I arranged the above listpic at and it’s one of the easiest, most fun ways I’ve found of making an album list. Of course, the order of the albums is always changing is ones fall out of favour or I hear something new that has to be included. What are yours?

  • Moog One Patches

    Awwwww yeahhhhhhhh….

  • You Want A 1996-Themed Alternative Music Card? You Got It!

    Just in case the tweet disappears, here’s the card that Emma Jackson (yes, THAT Emma Jackson!) found: I reckon it was compiled from Mark And Lard playlists of 1996 as that’s a pretty wild mixture of bands / styles. Seeing White Town on it is really very, very strange! EDIT!!! This just in from Emma…

  • Thank You, Spotify Listeners!

    Not too shabby! Also, that’s around SEVENTY YEARS of listening which is quite freaky when you think about it. :-O

  • Pop Punk BONANZA!

  • Synthfest UK 2018

    This Saturday just gone, I went to Synthfest UK 2018.  It’s an annual gathering both of makers of electronic gear and the end users – like a big trade show but with a way more personal touch. Here’s a little vid I made: As you can see from the vid, there’s a huge range of…

  • Heaven 17

    One of the greatest ever pop bands, never given their just critical due thanks to the lazy macho rockism of the ‘80s inkies. They were sonic and political revolutionaries, as acidic as Gang Of Four but, you know, with proper singalong choruses. ???

  • Mooer Ocean Machine

    Here’s a vid I made of the Mooer Ocean Machine. Very highly recommended, whether you’re a guitarist or keyboardist!