RIP Gordon Moore

Very sad to hear of the passing of Gordon Moore, the originator of Moore’s Law and one of the founders, along with Bob Noyce of Intel.

Here’s both of them in 1960 along with the rest of the Traitorous Eight, the founders of Fairchild Semiconductor.

Wayne Miller - Original publication: Magnum Photos for Fairchild Semiconductor Immediate source: Magnum Photos NYC33964
USA. 1960. The Fairchild/Shockley 8, who left the lab of Nobel Prize winner William Shockley to form Silicon Valley's first start-up, Fairchild Semiconductor. From left to right: Gordon Moore, C. Sheldon Roberts, Eugene Kleiner, Robert Noyce, Victor Grinich, Julius Blank, Jean Hoerni and Jay Last.
Wayne Miller – Original publication: Magnum Photos for Fairchild Semiconductor Immediate source: Magnum Photos NYC33964
USA. 1960. The Fairchild/Shockley 8, who left the lab of Nobel Prize winner William Shockley to form Silicon Valley’s first start-up, Fairchild Semiconductor. From left to right: Gordon MooreC. Sheldon RobertsEugene KleinerRobert NoyceVictor GrinichJulius BlankJean Hoerni and Jay Last.

Linux Is MINT!

Apologies if this is a repeat post – I’ve been a bit brain foggy today.

BUT I’ve now been running LinuxMint on my 2011 MacbookAir for a couple of weeks and it’s BRILLIANT!

The laptop is once again snappy and responsive and the whole gooey is, frankly, lovely.

If you’ve got old comps that aged out of OS updates, try bunging a Linux on them.

I am very much not a comp tech geek (music tech, yes) but the install was painless, I didn’t even need to touch a CLI once.

I now have a NEW laptop!

Re-Installing OSX Lion Eleven Years Later

OSX Lion install screen, progress bar saying 23 minutes left.

Hooo boy – re-installing Lion on a 2011 #MacbookAir is *not easy!*

The laptop can’t do it via network because, apparently, Apple let some file certificates lapse in 2018.

You have to dl a Lion install, open up the pkg and fish out InstallESD.dmg, THEN burn that to a USB stick with Balena Etcher

Wish me luck, I’m not gonna count my chickens until they boot.


It worked but Lion doesn’t connect to any https sites and Apple have made it abandonware soooo… back to Linux it is. And this time, I’m feeling minty.

Fairchild Semiconductor Pitch

Fairchild Semiconductor is a soundtrack album I wrote for a TV show that does not exist.


We do not live in a universe where there’s a lavish TV series about Fairchild Semiconductor. But we should and I want to do my utmost to make that universe this one.

When I first learned the Fairchild story, it was so dramatic, so singular that I had to dive more deeply. Having spent hours researching various magazine articles, journals and physics papers way over my head, I became ever more obsessed by Fairchild. I was fascinated by the company and the long shadow its Fairchildren, like AMD and Intel, cast over our lives today.

I would love my album to inspire a real TV series that explored the personalities and the science of those times. Ideally, it would be a co-production between, say, Netflix and the BBC. There would be a one-hour dramatic show, telling the story and then a follow-up one-hour behind-the-science episode. I want people to know the fascinating history behind the last great industrial revolution, without which today’s inter-connected, interdependent world would be impossible.

There were four transistors on the first ever monolithic IC Fairchild invented in 1960.

There are sixteen thousand million transistors on Apple’s M1 chip in 2022.

I want to hear that story.

When I Invented Silent Gigs / Discos

Have a look at this interview from March 1997:

(Source: New York Times)

If you look up Silent Disco on Wikipedia, you get this:

In May 2002 artist Meg Duguid hosted Dance with me… a silent dance party at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago where she created an outdoor club installation complete with velvet ropes and glow rope in which a DJ spun a transmission to wireless headsets that audience members put on and danced to.[4][5][6] Duguid threw a second dance party at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago the following year, entitled Dueling DJs where two DJS simultaneously spun two separate musical transmissions various wireless headsets that audience members put on and danced to. This performance was repeated the following year (2004) at the Chicago Cultural Center.[7]

The term “silent disco” has been in existence since at least 2005 with Bonnaroo Music Festival advertising such an event that year with DJ’s Motion Potion, Quickie Mart and DJ medi4 and headphones provided by KOSS.[8] In recent years Silent Events has presented Bonaroo’s Silent Disco.[9]

In the Netherlands, the traveling arts and culture festival De Parade already featured a “stille disco” [silent disco] earlier, for example in 2003.[10] Dutch DJs Nico Okkerse and Michael Minton have been described as “the pioneers … in the legend of silent disco” because they started “stille disco” events in 2002.[11] Okkerse claims his company “created Silent Disco in 2002”[12] and its site does have photos from such events going back to at least 2003.[13]

(Source: Wikipedia)

So, yaay, that was five years after when I invented it, depending which one you believe.

But then…

A silent concert (or headphones concert) is a live music performance where the audience, in the same venue as the performing artist, listens to the music through headphones.[20] The idea originated in 1997 when Erik Minkkinen,[21][22] an electronic artist[23][24] from Paris, streamed a live concert from his closet over the internet to three listeners in Japan.[25] The concept led to a decentralized organization known as le placard (“the Cupboard”),[26] which allowed anybody to establish a streaming or listening room.[25]

The first headphone concert taking place in front of a live audience took place March 17, 1999, at Trees in Dallas, Texas. The American psychedelic band The Flaming Lips used an FM signal generator at the venue and handed out mini FM radio receivers and headphones to each member of the audience. A normal speaker system was also used so the sound could also be felt. This continued on their “International Music Against Brain Degeneration Revue” tour with mixed results, with technical problems including dead batteries and intoxicated audience members having trouble tuning to the correct frequency.[27]

(Source: Wikipedia)

So, depending on when in ’97 Minkkinen did his proto-Twitch stream, maybe I’m a co-inventor. But Flaming Lips, March???

Highly suspicious…

UPDATE!!! Just got this email in:

Hi Jyoti,Erik Minkkinen here. Fell on your post about silent disco. Yes those wikipedia articles are quite erroneous, never bothered to try to fix them, actually I don’t claim to be the inventor of anything.

The fact is , true , the idea came up in 1997 , but the actual first festival which happened in Paris in sept 1998 was a non stop 72 hour event , and became a yearly festival for many years. here are links to the archives

The first one was not streamed , it is only starting from the second one in Vienna that we opened to distant concerts. The festival is still ongoing , not as much activity as there used to be, have been concentrating more on micro fm and radio works with

Hope this helps

Take care


Isn’t that cool? Please check out Erik’s sites, there’s some lovely, creative stuff there!