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  • Teenage Engineering K.O. II

    So, today, this wonderfully stupid doodad arrived: And, after a little confusion cleared up by watching this vid: … I got into fun mode and I’ve been dicking around on it since I got home from Cafe Palestina. It’s huge fun and the built-in speaker makes all the difference. As soon as I have to…

  • RIP Gordon Moore

    Very sad to hear of the passing of Gordon Moore, the originator of Moore’s Law and one of the founders, along with Bob Noyce of Intel. Here’s both of them in 1960 along with the rest of the Traitorous Eight, the founders of Fairchild Semiconductor.

  • Linux Is MINT!

    Apologies if this is a repeat post – I’ve been a bit brain foggy today. BUT I’ve now been running LinuxMint on my 2011 MacbookAir for a couple of weeks and it’s BRILLIANT! The laptop is once again snappy and responsive and the whole gooey is, frankly, lovely. If you’ve got old comps that aged…

  • Re-Installing OSX Lion Eleven Years Later

    Hooo boy – re-installing Lion on a 2011 #MacbookAir is *not easy!* The laptop can’t do it via network because, apparently, Apple let some file certificates lapse in 2018. You have to dl a Lion install, open up the pkg and fish out InstallESD.dmg, THEN burn that to a USB stick with Balena Etcher Wish…

  • Enormous SSD

    New Macbook Pro means new backup drive… Every now and then, I have to stop and think, “I’m storing four terabytes of data in a stick of chewing gum.” What a world.

  • Fairchild Semiconductor Pitch

    Fairchild Semiconductor is a soundtrack album I wrote for a TV show that does not exist. Yet. We do not live in a universe where there’s a lavish TV series about Fairchild Semiconductor. But we should and I want to do my utmost to make that universe this one. When I first learned the Fairchild story, it…

  • Star Wars Fan Art

    More Midjourney tomfoolery, this time to generate some dogfights and laser battles from one of my fave sci-fi universes. PEW! PEW! PEW!

  • Tekkonkinkreet Fan Art

    I love Tekkonkinkreet, it’s one of my fave ever films, not just fave animes. So, I generated these with Midjourney to help remind me of that awesome world. I wish I could visit it. Maybe in the future, when some Midjourney descendent can render real-time 3D VR?

  • Promoting With Midjourney

    I made my mate Hazz some logos for her gig promotion company. I used Midjourney AI for the backgrounds and Canva for the text.

  • Did Midjourney Just Communicate With Me?

    It’s only a matter of time now, people. And let’s face it, our silicon children couldn’t do a worse job with planet Earth than we have.

  • When I Invented Silent Gigs / Discos

    Have a look at this interview from March 1997: (Source: New York Times) If you look up Silent Disco on Wikipedia, you get this: In May 2002 artist Meg Duguid hosted Dance with me… a silent dance party at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago where she created an outdoor club installation complete with velvet ropes and glow rope…

  • Why Your iPhone Should Cost £44 Million Pounds

    I was chatting with my niece about the London Science Museum and I said that my fave exhibit is the Cray X-MP. She’s just got a brand-new iPhone 12 so I thought it might be fun to compare their stats. This is the result: I’m quite surprised Apple don’t charge that much.. 😛

  • Asterpoops

  • The Genius Of Turing

    (In response to a thread on Tumblr) The appalling homophobic hatecrime that was carried out by the British government against Turing must never be forgotten.  If you really want to delve into Turing’s life and also realise the horrendous extent of the straightwashing surrounding his history / erasure from history, please, please read this book: …

  • Cyberpunk 2077 – A Review After Playing for 130+ Hours

    Well, I finished it. It had a nice, elegiac ending. It’s such a mixed game. For the graphic designers, I’d easily give them 11/10 as there’s so much work and love gone into every little detail of the game. It’s just sad a lot of it takes time to rez in or disappears in front…

  • My First Stream

    So, now I can officially say that I am a STREAMER. Two hours of me chatting rubbish and mucking around with synths – I don’t think Netflix will be calling me just yet. And, for some reason, I muted ALL AUDIO for the first 23 minutes. I apologise to the three people who stumbled across…

  • Cyber.Cafe

    I appear to be disappearing down a ’90s nostalgia rabbit hole. I used to LOVE – so much so that I chose to go on this show instead of the hugely popular TFI Friday. I mean, that kind of says it all, doesn’t it?

  • Computer Chronicles 1990

    This fine morning, why not keep abreast of the news from THIRTY YEARS AGO! APPLE ARE SUING MICROSOFT! BUT WINDOWS 3.0 IS COMING, EVERYONE! YOU MIGHT NEED TWO MEGABYTES OF RAM!!! Fucking GARY KILDALL is one of the hosts. This is like having Jesus pop in on Songs Of Praise! In other breaking news, Microsoft…

  • Vid Shits

    Not bad!

  • My Very Short Review Of The Sony Xperia 5

    I had high hopes for this phone, I’m looking to replace my Samsung Note 10 Plus because the in-screen fingerprint sensor basically is shite. So, unboxed the Sony, lovely lovely, booted aaaaand… What a wonderful start! Okay… let’s reboot. Hmmm… seems a bit hot at the back. Ah, I’m sure it’ll be okay… …..aaaaand back…