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  • Jedi: Survivor – Nope

    Boom! Loading up this half-arsed, screen-tearing, moonwalking wreck of a game after the wondrous world of Horizon Burning Shores was the definition of the sublime to the ridiculous. Please stop releasing games before they’re even half-finished.

  • Cyberpunk 2077 – A Review After Playing for 130+ Hours

    Well, I finished it. It had a nice, elegiac ending. It’s such a mixed game. For the graphic designers, I’d easily give them 11/10 as there’s so much work and love gone into every little detail of the game. It’s just sad a lot of it takes time to rez in or disappears in front…

  • Where Are My Games?

    I’m watching a YouTube vid previewing upcoming games for late 2019 / early 2020. And I’m bored. There’s a slew of FPSes, some open-world, some not. There are some RPGs, there are some top-down tactical hoo-has. And that’s it. It’s the blandest offering of blanditude I can remember in a good long time. There’s nothing…