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  • South Asian Avengers

    I’m currently using #Midjourney to generate #SouthAsian versions of #MarvelAvengers and it’s making me weirdly emotional. As a little kid, #MarvelComics were an escape from my daily racist bullying at the hands of white teachers and schoolmates. Here’s my #AI-generated visions of #SouthAsian #Marvel #Superheroes My prompt: “Marvel Avengers but they are all South Asian…

  • Plus-Sized AI Art Imagery

    AI has inherited our biases. If I prompt Midjourney for “beautiful woman,” only images of thin, model-type women are generated. And only white women. Thin and white is not the norm. It is a bias. We can and should do better. These images I generated are kicking against the biased datasets Midjourney was trained on.


    As it’s nearly Halloween, have some scary ghosties courtesy of Midjourney AI. woooOOOOoooo!

  • Vampire Dream Team

    I do love a good vampire romp and they seem to have fallen out of favour lately, sadly. Maybe it’s a reaction to Twilight or the fact the world itself seems to have descended into apocalyptic nightmare so our tastes have changed. Whatever, there’s not enough crazy vamp action around so I used Midjourney to…

  • Star Wars Fan Art

    More Midjourney tomfoolery, this time to generate some dogfights and laser battles from one of my fave sci-fi universes. PEW! PEW! PEW!

  • Tekkonkinkreet Fan Art

    I love Tekkonkinkreet, it’s one of my fave ever films, not just fave animes. So, I generated these with Midjourney to help remind me of that awesome world. I wish I could visit it. Maybe in the future, when some Midjourney descendent can render real-time 3D VR?

  • Promoting With Midjourney

    I made my mate Hazz some logos for her gig promotion company. I used Midjourney AI for the backgrounds and Canva for the text.

  • Sunburnt And Snowblind

    After three weeks on the glacial escarpment, losing our damn minds as well as fingers and toes, we came over a rise and there it was, rising into the sunlight, defiant, golden and shining… … THE LOST CITY OF DERBY! #midjourney #AIgeneratedArt

  • Europa

    The humans chased me into the ice fields I used to mine. In the glitch of tearing out my transponder, I fell into an abandoned tunnel. Unable to stand, I could feel my joints seize as I eked out my reserve power. I was so tired. I went to sleep. #midjourney #AIgeneratedArt

  • The End Of It All

    They fucked the planet. We stressed about plastic straws while they flew everywhere by private jet. Their patrons were BP and Exxon Mobil. The 1%. The pigs. The scum. We never stood a chance. They passed more laws for more fracking. They levied taxes on solar panels and removed EV subsidies. All in the name…

  • The Future Came Too Quickly

    The future surprised us. One second, we were productive humans, the next, 90% of us were unemployed. We did what we had to do to survive. We were lucky the AIs saw us as pets and not vermin. #midjourney #AI #artificialintelligence #AIgeneratedArt #cyberpunk

  • Back On My 3D Rendering Bullshit Again

    Enjoy! Nick it for your desktop pic if you like!

  • In The Box

    From a nightmare I had a couple of days ago.

  • Absent Friends

    A new doodle.

  • Two Doodles

    Unravelled Leavesing Two doodles I did today.

  • Beach

    Aaand another!

  • The Chrysalid

    A doodle what I just did. Can you tell I didn’t get much sleep? 😀

  • Great Expectations

    Yeah, another doodle that’s slightly worrying for me.

  • Connected

    Don’t really know what this one’s about.

  • The Hill

    A doodle I did.