South Asian Avengers

AI-generated comic book panel of eight imaginary South Asian superheroes like Marvel's Avengers

I’m currently using #Midjourney to generate #SouthAsian versions of #MarvelAvengers and it’s making me weirdly emotional.

As a little kid, #MarvelComics were an escape from my daily racist bullying at the hands of white teachers and schoolmates.

Here’s my #AI-generated visions of #SouthAsian #Marvel #Superheroes

AI-generated comic book panel of four imaginary South Asian superheroes like Marvel's Avengers

My prompt: “Marvel Avengers but they are all South Asian people –ar 3:2”

I feel there’s a whole world of stories here that a 7yo me would have absolutely loved. They could have fought the fascists firebombing us out of our homes in the ’70s. Maybe I wouldn’t have wanted a white, “normal” name if I’d seen more names like mine?

AI-generated comic book panel of four imaginary South Asian superheroes like Marvel's Avengers

A #SouthAsian #CaptainBritain battling the National Front?

The images I’m generating now… I wish I could have seen #Indian #superheroes like this back in 1971.

It would have made a huge difference to me.

Vampire Dream Team

I do love a good vampire romp and they seem to have fallen out of favour lately, sadly. Maybe it’s a reaction to Twilight or the fact the world itself seems to have descended into apocalyptic nightmare so our tastes have changed. Whatever, there’s not enough crazy vamp action around so I used Midjourney to generate my VAMPIRE DREAM TEAM!

Et, voila!

Aren’t they just BEAUTIFUL?

I look at their little faces and I can imagine such high drama. Well, let’s be honest, high melodrama. I’m thinking The Order crossed with True Blood with maybe a drop of The Magicians?

I love the way playing around with Midjourney inspires me to think about stories. It’s a great writing prompt, looking at my babies’ faces above, characters manifest from a wry smile or cool gaze.


The End Of It All

They fucked the planet.

We stressed about plastic straws while they flew everywhere by private jet.

Their patrons were BP and Exxon Mobil.

The 1%. The pigs. The scum.

We never stood a chance.

They passed more laws for more fracking.

They levied taxes on solar panels and removed EV subsidies.

All in the name of jobs, prosperity, patriotism.

They were old.

They knew they’d be gone before the water lapped at their feet.

It would cost $90 trillion to halt climate change.

The 1% had $158 trillion.

But they did nothing.

They hoarded more money than is conceivable while lecturing us on thrift.

We all became refugees.

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