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  • On Clubbing

    Just got back from town and seeing my friend Tash, the majority of which we spent ogling girls. She’s better at spotting girls than me but I’m stealthier ~ she just blatantly points! We were chatting about clubbing and I was trying to persuade her to come out to Mosh tonight. But she’s got an…

  • Existential Clubbing

    SO, my pics are auto-posting across from Instagram now and, fucking hell, what a weekend. I get so happy from clubbing! I get so much from dancing to music that I love, bonding with random people while screaming Title Fight at each other, hanging with my mates and watching them deal very sternly with dodgy…

  • Mosh Halloween 2009

    Wow – what an excellent Halloween! I was going to stay in for reasons I won’t go into here but after talking it over with mates, I just thought, fuckit – go out. And I’m glad I did as I danced till my knees ached and saw some absolutely amazing costumes, the majority hand-made. I…

  • Clubbbing

    Click the pic for some recent club shots!

  • Blue Note 1/4/09

    Click the pic for antics from Wednesday night!

  • Blue Note 19/3/09

    Click above to see some pics from last night’s Bluey. Lovely, lovely people but pretty much atrocious music, check out the tags to see why. 🙂

  • Blue Note 5/3/09

    Click the pic to see some shots from last night’s Bluey! 🙂

  • Blue Note 12/2/09

    Well, we actually went last night but it was at 1am so it was on the 12th, not the 11th. Tricky feller, Johnny Time. Click the pic for…

  • Snug Social

    I was out at the Snug Social last night and I danced till the very last note from the PA – 3.30am! A lovely night and a great atmosphere! 🙂 Click the pic for a gallery.

  • Blue Note 23/7/08

    Click the pic for a gallery of stupidness from Wednesday at the Bluey! 🙂

  • Finally, A Great Night Out!

    Click the pic for some shots from tonight! Tonight/this morning/whatever the hell it is now, I’m a happy Jyoti. Things have been quite depressing lately: a funeral, health problems, horrible war news and Derby weirdness. Usually, I can dance myself out of the blues, at least for a short while. I love dancing. I’m no…

  • Blue Note 9/4/08

    Heh… another good night out, click the pic! 😀

  • Blue Note Recently

    Click the pic above for some recent Bluey danceyness. 😀

  • Bluey 13 – 25 March ’08

    Just some snaps from a few recent Bluey nights out! Click the pic above! 😀

  • Bluey Various Late Feb

    Another empty Monday followed by a full Wednesday. Click the pic for more!

  • Bluey Feb 08 Various

    Click the pic for some recent Blue-ness!

  • Blue Note 13/2/08

    Click the pic for some further Bluey antics!

  • Out And About

    Click the pic above for some recent out and about shots from Mosh, Vines and the Bluey!

  • How Does It Feel Playlist 19/1/08

    Woohoo! I had a fucking hoot DJing at How Does It Feel To Be Loved? last Saturday. It was great to be able to play some rather obscure new indie stuff and have a crowd of people singing along! The only regret I have is that I didn’t manage to fit in as many new…

  • Bluey 16/1/08

    Wow! What an ace night! I’m knackered and my legs ache from dancing. 😀 Click the pic for the gallery!