Kill The Bill

study by the Human Rights Watch variously accused 83 governments of having “physically assaulted journalists, bloggers, and protesters… arbitrarily banned or broken up protests… enacted vague laws and measures that criminalize spreading alleged misinformation or other coverage of COVID-19… [and used] counterterrorism and other measures pre-dating the pandemic, to arbitrarily arrest, detain, and prosecute critics.”

In short, the virus provides a convenient excuse to silence, disperse and disempower the masses in struggle.

(Source: Socialist Appeal)

What irks me about conspiracy theorists is that they’ll invent stuff about vaccinations and Bill Gates blah blah at the same time as our right to protest IS being attacked under the pretext of pandemic safety. It’s not hidden, there’s no secrecy – it’s completely visible.

‘Unlawful assembly’ – a repressive and terrible edict in HK, totally fine here.

Get Out There!

doing leftism exclusively on the internet gives you brainworms. like yeah read theory, talk to people on social media, but at some point you have to go outside. please. the things you say and believe about politics have repercussions in the real world and you have to live in that world to understand what those repercussions could be. find out who’s doing mutual aid in your community. join the iww or food not bombs or a community garden or a street medic collective or a prison letter writing campaign or something helpful that forces you to talk with real human beings directly about and in the context of their actual lives – source: crowleyraejepsen

A million, billion times THIS.

I’ve been actively involved in politics, in demonstrating and protesting for the last 30+ years. Yes, reading is important, theory is important. But don’t get lost in the petty internecine feuding of armchair socialists.

Get out there! Meet people, organise buses to demos, support local BLM groups.

And if you can’t do that because of social anxiety issues, do online stuff that you feel comfortable with, organise that way.

But arguing on the internet… it’s just pissing in the wind.

1 In Every 625 Americans Has Died Of Covid

I thought, ‘naahh, surely not?’ Soo… off to google and as of 15/3/2021:

So, 534 thousand dead. 


US population 382.2 million. (THIS IS WHERE I WENT WRONG, EVERYONE, I SWAPPED 328 for 382!)

So then, what percent deaths in the US population: 

What is that percentage as a fraction? 

So, as of today, one in every 769 Americans has died of Covid. Only slightly off the original, tbf, still grimly horrible

( WARNING – I may be wrong as I have dyscalculia, hence all the googling. Please do check my maths!)


God, what a stupid mistake to make… typical of me and numbers! Thanks to sadabeuk, I can now correct my error and:

One in every 625 Americans has died of Covid.

The Childhood Of An Edgelord

South Park and Family Guy were the enablers for a huge rise in anti-Semitism, racism, sexism, homophobia and every other flavour of shite gargled and vomited out by millennial edgelords now.

These men worshipped those shows when they were boys and it’s pretty obvious.

The normalisation of open hatred isn’t comedy, it’s crypto-fascism.

Also, as an Indian, I’ll add this about another famous show: “Thank you, come again.”

Have you any idea how many times hilarious racists have said this to me?

Five Dead = “Kerfuffle”

Boris Johnson has insisted US democracy remains “strong”, despite the “kerfuffle” over former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

The Senate acquitted Mr Trump of incitement to insurrection following the storming of Congress on 6 January.

Mr Johnson told US broadcaster CBS his relationship with new President Joe Biden was “excellent”.

(Source: BBC News)

An attempted coup is a “kerfuffle” – unbelievable.

Now, if the rioters had been Muslim… you can bet Bojo would be shaking with rage and rattling every sabre available.

Johnson’s support of white supremacy and actual Nazis remains clear.

Space Racism

Yes I noticed. Yes it was meant to be a joke.

Was it funny when a human character referred to two unconscious Vulcans as “Spock and Spock” in Star Trek: Lower Decks?

It was as funny as if a white character had called two unconscious Indians “Patel and Patel.”

I wasn’t funny, it was racist. It’s a classic thing racists do to dehumanise people, it’s a micro-aggression they use so if the attacked complains, they can reply with the old, “Hey it’s a joke, can’t you take a joke?”

The fact that The Expanse doesn’t rely on lazy racist tropes, that it actually doubles-down on the importance of challenging racist behaviour even in the middle of a dogfight is a credit to the show and everyone involved.

#BlackLivesMatter #StandUpToRacism

This is the dialogue from the scene:

Holden: They’re moving into a spread formation.

Bull: Spreading out like that is good tactics. At least one of these skinnies is not an idiot.

Holden: Be grateful. It actually works for us right now. And that’s the last time you use that word on this ship.

Bull: Excuse me?

Holden: I know you’re pissed about Fred and psyching yourself up for the fight, but leave that “skinnies” shit out of it.

Bull: Duly noted.

(Source: S5E10)

Tumblr Revolutionaries

The problem with certain lefties is that they spend more time feuding with other left wingers than fighting actual Nazis / Tories / Republicans. They live fantasy lives, chasing an ideological purity which no actual human could ever attain and, being monolithic, is the actual antithesis of Marxism. They are inflexible and intransigent, refusing to work with others unless they pass some litmus test of worthiness that they, and only they, get to decide. 

In fact, here’s a handy book Lenin wrote about it all in 1920: 

And here it is for the great capitalist price of FREE!

And while I’m on a classics spree, let’s not forget my fave socialist quote: 

“The world political situation as a whole is chiefly characterized by a historical crisis of the leadership of the proletariat.”

(Source: Leon Trotsky, The Transitional Program – The Death Agony of Capitalism and the Tasks of the Fourth International)

And by that, I’m not saying the future leadership of the revolution is on Tumblr, I’m saying that while the left is squabbling internally, the right is happily organising and staging attempted coups. It would be funny if they weren’t actual fucking Nazis. 

More Blairite Fuckery

Seriously, have a read of this fuckery and see how impossible getting even a soft-left leader like Corbyn elected is:

“Less than a week before polling day, Survation cut the Conservative lead to just one point, while another pollster, ORB, had the Tories nine points ahead. Naturally Labour’s senior team viewed the worst poll as good news.

03/06/2017, 20:50 – Patrick Heneghan: Westminster voting intention:

CON: 40% (-6) LAB: 39% (+5) LDEM: 8% (-) UKIP: 5% (+2)

(via @Survation / 03 Jun)

03/06/2017, 20:50 – Neil Fleming: ?

03/06/2017, 20:54 – Neil Fleming: Wtf is going on. Polling industry may as well fold up.

03/06/2017, 20:54 – Tracey Allen: It is doing my head in.

03/06/2017, 21:02 – Julie Lawrence: ?

03/06/2017, 21:04 – Tracey Allen: Long 5 days to go

03/06/2017, 21:12 – Patrick Heneghan: Westminster voting intention:

CON: 45% (+1) LAB: 36% (-2) LDEM: 8% (+1) UKIP: 4% (-1)

(via ORB / 31 May – 01 Jun)

03/06/2017, 21:13 – Neil Fleming: Good old ORB”

(Source: Novara Media)


The Coup Against Corbyn

(Source: )

You see, why believe wacky conspiracies about flat earths or hoaxed moon landings when this an ACTUAL conspiracy, right here. The role of The Guardian and all of the “left” media in this cannot be underestimated either.

And all of the people jumping to assault ‘Corbynistas’ and regurgitating any old right-wing lie – how does it feel to be so gullible?