Arizona Cops Are Bastards

“The Mesa Police Department in Arizona voluntarily released surveillance video footage showing a group of officers brutally beating an unarmed man.

The video shows several police officers kneeing and punching Robert Johnson.”

(Source: BBC News)

TODAY’S all coppers are bastards.

Funny how the headline leaves out that the victim of this brutal attack was black…

Head Capitalist Predicts Communist Future

Mass job losses caused by advancing technology could lead to a rise of Marxism, the governor of the Bank of England has warned. Mark Carney said the automation of millions of jobs could lead to mass unemployment, wage stagnation and the growth of communism within a generation.

He warned “Marx and Engels may again become relevant.” Speaking at the Canada Growth Summit, Mr Carney said increases in artificial intelligence, big data and high-tech machines could create huge inequalities between the high-skill

(Source: The Independent)

The irony of a leading prop of capitalism predicting a resurgence in Marxism is… pretty sweet, actually!

While great swathes of the labour movement ignore Marx’ valuable analysis of capitalism or write it off as being an anachronism, Carney can see it for what it is: a rigorous theoretical perspective on society and its economic foundations.

There is no doubt the coming quantum leap in artificial intelligence will affect huge swathes of the working class. Not just the traditional blue collar worker, long the victim of increased automation and robotics but what most non-Marxists regard as “middle class” labour. AI will displace millions of jobs in offices, call centres, retail…

Will we use AI and robotics to finally free humanity from dangerous, oppressive jobs and create a surplus for us all, a surplus that is part and parcel of communism.

Jobless millions ~ what will they do? Will they receive a Basic Income regardless of labour because robots are doing… well… everything?

Sounds like Star Trek to me. Sounds like full communism. 🙂


The Evil Empire

All Empires are evil. The British Empire was one of the most evil in history. Never forget.

“In 1600, when the East India Company was founded, Britain was generating 1.8 percent of the world’s GDP while India was producing 22.5 percent.

By 1870, at the peak of the Raj, Britain was generating 9.1 percent, while India had been reduced to a poor third-world nation with just 12.2 percent, a symbol across the globe of famine and deprivation.”

(Source: The Scotsman)

Commie Shit

dusky-sparrow :

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(This post inspired by a recent @dusky-sparrow post)

When I joined my first revolutionary party, I hadn’t read *any* Marx or Engels or Lenin or Trotsky. All I had was a burning rage and hatred of Tories. It was that party that gave me The State And Revolution, made me read it and then made me deliver a talk on it. Not the party line but what *I* thought of it. They basically educated me to a post-grad level, not an easy job since all I wanted to do was brick coppers and generally fuck shit up. Education is key with any true Marxist party.

Tech terms are important precisely because they are specific. If someone calls a country a ‘deformed workers’ state’ then that is entirely different from calling it ‘state capitalist.’ Are the people running these states a class or are they a caste? Those terms may all seem very nebulous but it fundamentally changes the nature of the political work that has to be carried out.

ANYHOO… that’s my 2p. Nowadays, I would temper the Trad Marxism with a whole dollop of Reich but that’s just me. 🙂

Thanks for your response! It’s always interesting to hear other people’s experiences, and it sounds like yours is a good example of the importance of providing a good and accessible education to people that want it.

Even if not everyone wants to or can invest the time in learning to such a high level, it’s important for any educator to able to cover the basics and tailor the education to the needs of the learner- as you say, there are some more technical terms that are fundamentally important; it’s better to explain these than just drop them in an attempt at over-simplification.


Yes, theory is crucial. Marxists are vanguardists; it’s one of our primary differences with anarchists. What use is an uneducated vanguard?? Also, how dare someone claim a leading position in working class movements with a dilettante’s attitude towards the history of class struggle.


Events are where we actually learn. All the book-reading in the world isn’t as educational as spending 24 hours on a picket line, shoulder to shoulder with your comrades, with your class.

Even though I’d read Lenin and Trotsky by then, I learned more on this night than from any book ->

So, to anyone starting off in socialism, I would say: GET OUT THERE! Organise demos, print out manifestos, discuss what you believe with other socialists.

Socialism in one person is as impossible as socialism in one country.

Marx, Trotsky, Goldman, Reich, Dworkin, Brinton, Fanon, Said, Shakur…

They’re in my head.

Often contradicting each other which is the way the left should be: always a discourse, never a menu. Or a set course, lol.

I’m not clever enough to be politically or philosophically as important as the women and men above. But I feel I’m approaching some syncretic critical mass lately.

All the puzzle pieces waltz in my head and then a Carillion or similar happens and the perspective I’m embracing is not surprised; perhaps even anticipated it.

After all, what is scientific socialism without the science?

I find these quotes apposite:

“There’s a place for abstract, there’s a place for noise, there’s a place for every kind of sound so come on now and tell me why there’s a void.”

“How can we expect anyone to listen if we using the same old voice? We need New Noise.”

“You don’t have to be blood to be family”

We’re on the cusp of … *something*… perhaps something beautiful.

Racists On Facebook

So, I’m scrolling through my newsfeed and I read this “joke” above that’s actually the most sick, dehumanising racism which *two* of my white “friends” have liked.

What the fuck?

I post it up, call them out and instantly another white male leaps to their defense, saying that I need “to chill” and that he “needs context” for the original post.

Oh, okay. Thank you, white man, for setting me straight! Thank you SO MUCH! I just got over-emotional, like so many of us brown people do, thank you for bringing white justice and rationality back to the discourse. Thank you for civilising me, sahib!

It’s getting to the stage with white people where there’s only a handful that I can actually trust in any way and that’s because I know they’re communists, anarchists or socialists. The great mass of apolitical / Tory white people, well, they’re turning out to be openly, proudly racist. They don’t even question their racism, the same as with their sexism, ableism or homophobia.

And, yet again, this shows why I hate Facebook. You end up being part of a set of connections which are actually anathema to you, it’s inevitable. And then everyone starts whitesplaining away every day racism should you dare to stand up for your human rights.

UPDATE  – I’ve had to deactivate my FB account now because I’m getting random messages from racists.

Election 2017

Rob and Nat came over to hang out for ELECTION FEVER NIGHT. When we called it a night, it was with trepidation of what the morning would bring.

Well, JOY TO THE WORLD! Theresa May is FUCKED! It’s a hung parliament, she’s having to run round in dark corners making shady deals with extremist nutters the DUP.

Make no mistake this result is a victory for democratic socialism. Yes, an outright Labour majority is the dream but that was nigh-on impossible thanks to the vitriolic campaign the entire British media has carried out against Corbyn. Calumny upon calumny from the Sun and The Daily Mail on the right, to the lies of Laura Kuenssberg and the vacillations of supposed left-wing Guardian. When they weren’t inventing anti-Semitic scandals, they were repeatedly asking Labour MPs if he should resign.

The entire British mass media, every single part of it was anti-Corbyn.

Look at those fuckers now. Look at them bending over backwards to try to reconcile themselves with the fact that Corbyn is more popular than Blair ever was. Tens of thousands of young people have joined the Labour Party because of Corbyn’s leadership and this election consequently had a youth voter turnout of 70%.

Labour won CANTERBURY for fuck’s sake. CANTERBURY, previously solid Tory for 99 years! 

More than any other divisions, this was an election of old versus young, of hatred versus hope. This is what none of the old mass media have understood and this is also why they are so surprised that their predictions, which normally shape voting patterns, have been ignored. This election, more than even the Brexit referendum, has been influenced more by social media than old media.

I’ve been watching telly all morning and ever channel is basically old people (all the presenters) acting very surprised and wondering how this all happened when they were telling everyone what a liability Corbyn was. WHY DIDN’T ANYONE LISTEN? DAMN KIDS WITH THEIR POKEMONS AND THEIR SELFIES AND THEIR HIPPITY HOP.

If I had a penny for every time a political pundit has said ‘Corbyn has confounded expectations’… well, I’d be rich enough to vote Tory. Whose expectations? Not mine – I’ve been for Corbyn all along, all through the mud-slinging the Tories and their tame mass media engaged in.

I am so happy today. Next to an outright Labour win, this is the best result in decades. Jeremy Corbyn stands vindicated. He’s survived the Blairite scum, survived two years of media vilification and won 40% of the vote.

Not bad for a ‘liability’ leader, eh?

Class Hatred

I feel I’m drifting towards ulta-left unreasoning class hatred. The latest news about May cutting school meals for poor kids – how can someone be so utterly fucking evil? These are the kids at the very bottom of society. Often, their school dinner may be the one proper meal they have a day.

And the Tories… they hold these kids in utter contempt.

You’re meant to drift rightwards as you age but the older I get, the more amazed I am at the sheer fuckery of Tories and Republicans, the total, open *evil* they seem proud to espouse.

But I’m a Marxist, a scientific socialist. Marxists are the Vulcans of the socialist / communist world. We aren’t terrorists (kill one Tory, another just steps in to replace them, no change), we aren’t utopians (please, Mr. Branson, do the right thing and nationalise yourself, ta!) and we most definitely aren’t reformists.

We have the work of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky to draw upon as well as their numerous contemporaries and successors. We have a core understanding of how society works that is now shared by most humans ~ whether they admit it or not, most humans alive believe their place in the world is more determined by their material conditions than spiritual pre-disposition. The globalisation of capitalism has forced that unpleasant truth on them.

I’m gonna take my anger and put it into more serious political work. I obviously need to read more, raise my theoretical level as well as engage in discourse with opponents who aren’t 17yo Meninist fuckwads that haven’t even read one page of actual politics.

The fucking Tories. They have to go. We have to vote those motherfuckers out.

On Racists And Sea Lions

The ignorance of some white people just staggers me. If anyone raises racism or cultural appropriation, they immediately flip into full-on sea lion mode or, even worse, into dismissive troll mode.

Here’s how I see it:

Imagine I’m in a public space, say waiting in line at a cafe. Someone prods me and says, “Ow! You’re standing on my foot!” Well, the first thing I do is move / check my feet before apologising for being so careless. And, from then on, I’m more mindful of where I stand.

HOWEVER if I acted like white people do on Facebook…

I’m in line. Someone prods me and says “Ow! You’re standing on my foot!” I don’t check if I am, I ask them how they know it’s my foot. I ask them to explain what the words “foot” and “standing” mean, aggressively, again and again. If they link me to explanations, I ignore them and then demand definitions of words like “my” or “you.” Or, I might just laugh in their face and say, “HAH! TOUGH SHIT! SHOULDN’T HAVE PUT YOUR PUT THERE! HAVE I ‘TRIGGERED’ YOU, SNOWKFLAKE?” I tell them to ‘grow a pair,’ and that it’s not my fault if I’m causing them pain, it’s all in their heads and that they have a ‘victim complex.’

Do you see the difference?

Look, I’m a cis, straight man. I hold considerable privilege in areas of gender and sexuality. I am prejudiced, I am sexist because that’s the culture I’ve been raised in. BUT I try not to be. If I ever offend someone, I feel awful and try to understand the mistake I made. Because I know it will probably be my fault and lack of perspective behind it all.

Is it that fucking hard to just be a decent human being, ffs?

When Is A Terrorist Not A Terrorist? When He’s White!

A man has been found guilty of trying to cause “maximum damage” by making a bomb filled with ball bearings and leaving it on a Tube train.

Damon Smith put his homemade device into a rucksack and left it on a Jubilee line train in October.

The 20-year-old had admitted perpetrating a bomb hoax but claimed it was a prank.

Had it worked, the bomb would have exploded just as commuters were leaving the North Greenwich station platform.

And in today’s white privilege news…

White man builds bomb filled with shrapnel, designed to cause maximum damage.


This isn’t terrorism. Nope. Not in any way. Even though he deliberately set out to cause terror by killing and maiming as many civilians as possible.

If he had been brown:

We would not know his mental history.

We would not be calling this a prank.

We would be calling this a terrorist plot.