Author: Jyoti

  • Derby & Burton 76 Years Of Nakba Protest 11/5/24

    I haven’t been well enough to go to recent protests but I managed to make it to the one today in Derby, organised jointly with Burton PSC to mark 76 years since the Nakba: The Nakba (Arabic: ?????? an-Nakbah, lit.?’The Catastrophe’) was the ethnic cleansing[2] of Palestinians in Mandatory Palestine during the 1948 Palestine war through their violent displacement and dispossession of land, property, and belongings, along with the devastation…

  • Garden Macros May 2024

    Click through for some sunny garden pics I took an hour or so ago.

  • Godzilla Minus One

    I’m having to watch # GodzillaMinusOne (#???-1.0??????, #GojiraMainasuWan) in chunks cos it’s just making me cry too much. The contrast between this film and the sub-video-game-cutscene bilge currently doing the rounds is astonishing. The last time Hollywood Gojira had any real heart was when Bryan Cranston was in it – TEN years ago. I actually…

  • I’m Gonna HERNIATE my HERNIA

    toniiiiiiight *cue extended solo by Artie Shaw*

  • Hardass Shakycam Sucralose

    Hi, I’m a grizzled, lone maverick private investigator. I drink whisky, neat. I have a deep love of very impractical classic cars. I’m haunted by the memory of some woman, some where. Maybe a deceased wife or a daughter. Perhaps a fetching pomeranian. My inner monologue is grizzled and neat. Also pomeranian. My middle name,…

  • London, Leicester Square And China Town

    I did my first gig since 2018 on Thursday, in London. The gig was fun and went well but my health was pretty poor during the trip. But I managed a bit of a hobble around to get some pics!

  • April Chad Wood

    I always try to get some pics when it’s bluebell season.

  • Israel Murders Three British Citizens

    Israel murders three British citizens in cold blood and still no sanctions, we’re STILL selling them weapons?? Can you see how twisted that is? If China or Russia had murdered three Brits, the world would be echoing with consequences. For apartheid state Israel – nothing.

  • Israel Tortured False Confessions From UNWRA Employees

    Remember when Israel said it had proof all of UNWRA was riddled with Hamas? And with this “proof,” they got their partners in genocide, the Western democracies, to withhold aid and thereby kill yet more Gazans? Turns out to be yet more bullshit and this time they TORTURED detainees to fabricate it. All this is…

  • Coffee With Robbie

    Just some pics in town, chuntering with Robbie.


    There is a woodlouse travelling across the vast plane of my carpet. As I pick up the woodlouse in my spoon and watch it trying to scurry up the sides, I wonder – is this the equivalent of a human space traveller falling into a wormhole? What incredible velocity is it experiencing as I transport…

  • Rock The Casbah (2013)

    From the opening introduction by Omar Sharif, I knew I was going to love this film, it was simply a matter of how deep that love would be. Well, it’s 9/10 deep. The story is that patriarch Moulay Hassan Bel Amor, (played by Sharif) has passed away and his family and friends are gathering to…

  • Derby Ceasefire Now Protest January 27th 2024

    Woah – there was a good turnout at the start of today’s protest, around 1pm. And the speakers, including Andrew Murray were great. But the best part is that the march around town at least tripled the number of people. After yesterday’s ICJ ruling warning Israel to not commit genocide, I feel like even more…

  • Chad Wood January 2024

    I was well enough to pop out to the wood today so I thought I’d get some pics while I was there. It was such beautiful light, golden beams sliding through the trees and leaves.

  • Teenage Engineering K.O. II

    So, today, this wonderfully stupid doodad arrived: And, after a little confusion cleared up by watching this vid: … I got into fun mode and I’ve been dicking around on it since I got home from Cafe Palestina. It’s huge fun and the built-in speaker makes all the difference. As soon as I have to…

  • Dubrek Cafe Palestina Night

    Just some pics while we were getting ready for the night:

  • A Declaration

    Here’s my very, very simple creed: Bombing hospitals is wrong.Bombing civilians is wrong.Collective punishment is a war crime.Imposed starvation of a population is a war crime.Seeking to evict an indigenous population is ethnic cleansing. There is no justification for carrying out any of the above actions. None. If you disagree with the above – fuck…


    Mast – where bourgeois liberals really do hate to be called bourgeois liberals! ? LET’S FIND A MIDDLE GROUND ON GENOCIDE! LET’S HAVE A DEBATE ABOUT BOMBING CHILDREN! LET’S SEE BOTH SIDES ON ETHNIC CLEANSING!! Fuck me, sometimes I hate liberals for their middle-class fuckwittery more than I hate Tories for being utter scum.

  • UK National March For Palestine – Ceasefire NOW, 13/1/24

    Yesterday, I got the Derby PSC coach down to London to take part in the first national pro-Palestine event of 2024. The ruling classes hoped no-one would turn up, they hoped we’d forgotten or got protest fatigue. They were sorely wrong. The BBC, as ever, said ‘thousands,’ which is technically true in that I reckon…

  • 100 Days Of Hell For Gaza

    Israel is currently killing civilians, a lot of them children, at the rate of 240 a day. 24,000 people after 100 days. Every six minutes, Israel murders another civilian. Imagine if any other country apart from Israel was carrying out this slaughter. Imagine if Russia or China or North Korea was doing this. The West…