Derby & Burton 76 Years Of Nakba Protest 11/5/24

I haven’t been well enough to go to recent protests but I managed to make it to the one today in Derby, organised jointly with Burton PSC to mark 76 years since the Nakba:

The Nakba (Arabic: ?????? an-Nakbah, lit.?’The Catastrophe’) was the ethnic cleansing[2] of Palestinians in Mandatory Palestine during the 1948 Palestine war through their violent displacement and dispossession of land, property, and belongings, along with the devastation of their society, cultureidentity, political rights, and national aspirations.[3] The term is also used to describe the ongoing persecution and displacement of Palestinians by Israel.[4] As a whole, it covers the fracturing of Palestinian society and the long-running rejection of the right of return for Palestinian refugees and their descendants.[5][6]

During the Nakba in 1948, approximately half of Palestine’s predominantly Arab population, or around 750,000 people,[7] were expelled from their homes or made to flee, at first by Zionistparamilitaries through various violent means, and after the establishment of the State of Israel, by the Israel Defense Forces. This occurred in the wake of dozens of massacres targeting Palestinian Arabs and the depopulation of 500 Arab-majority towns and villages,[8] with many of these being either completely destroyed or repopulated by Jews and given new Hebrew names. By the end of the war, 78% of the total land area of the former Mandatory Palestine was controlled by Israel and at least 15,000 Palestinian Arabs had been killed.[9][10]

Source: Wikipedia

Here’s some pics from today:

13 - Derby & Burton 76 Years Of Nakba Protest 11-5-24
The turnout was good but the most heartening thing was that when the march returned to the starting point after doing a tour of Derby, it was at least twice as big, so many people had joined in on the way.

Ordinary people who see through the West’s lies and double standards, who know that hospitals, schools, journalists, civilians and babies are not legitimate military targets.