UK National March For Palestine – Ceasefire NOW, 13/1/24

Yesterday, I got the Derby PSC coach down to London to take part in the first national pro-Palestine event of 2024. The ruling classes hoped no-one would turn up, they hoped we’d forgotten or got protest fatigue. They were sorely wrong.

The BBC, as ever, said ‘thousands,’ which is technically true in that I reckon there were around 500 of those thousands there. But you’re never gonna get the BBC saying half a million people marched against genocide / for peace unless it’s in opposition to a state-approved enemy, like Russia.

Here’s some pics from yesterday’s huge demo:

Flag Ben

I got to the main stage ahead of the “thousands” so I was close enough to get pics of both Husam Zomlot and Mary Lou McDonald, albeit very cropped and a little blurry.

It was amazing to be there, be part of that huge movement of people against genocide and to know that we’re not going away. If anything, we’re getting stronger, we’re growing in number and we will see a free Palestine.

We will.