Israel Has Destroyed 98,000 Civilian Buildings In Gaza

Go to the interactive aerial map here:

See for yourself what genocide looks like. What dropping two Hiroshima’s worth of bombs on a tiny piece of land looks like.

“Satellite images commissioned by the BBC reveal the extent of destruction across Gaza, showing that nearly 98,000 buildings may have suffered damage.

The satellite images were taken last Thursday – before the start of a seven-day suspension of hostilities, which has now ended.

Drone footage and verified video also show buildings and entire neighbourhoods reduced to rubble after Israeli air strikes and on-the-ground fighting.”

Source: BBC

And be honest: if this was a picture from ANY white country, if this had happened in France or Germany, the whole West would be non-stop newsing it, everyone would be adding little flags to their profile.

Once again, the abject racism of the so-called civilised world is laid bare.

And some lives are easily ignored.