Derby Palestine Solidarity Protest 28/10/23


I wasn’t well enough to do the march but I still made it to the demo outside the council house. The feeling was different from the last protest; this felt more desperate, more crucial. I guess because every new morning brings new horrors from Gaza, new atrocities carried out by Israel that are directly politically supported and militarily funded by the US and UK.

The turnout was huge. Again, people are having to take to the streets because they know both our government and the official opposition do not give a flying fuck about the murders being carried out in Palestine. The fact that Starmer gave Israel his full blessing to murder indiscriminately, to carry out the war crime of collective punishment, says it all.

Since coming back home, I’ve taken more painkillers and I still feel like shit because I really should not have gone out. But I can’t do nothing when a population that’s half children is being shelled by US-supplied munitions. I’ll be pissing blood again tomorrow but I’ll be in my safe, warm house. I won’t be living in the shadow of the greatest terrorist force on this planet.

Here’s a video of the protest I made:

Do what you can. March. Shout. Sing. Write.

You cannot do nothing.