Electric Daisy DJing 22/9/23

Photo of me DJing at Electric Daisy: a middle-aged, bespectacled, fat Indian man in a black coat sitting behind a laptop and audio mixer, reaching for a coffee and smiling broadly. 

Photo by Jay Dean @Dubrek

I had such a fun time on Friday night, DJing at Electric Daisy in Derby. Although it had pissed down earlier on, we were lucky with the weather and it was a fine, slightly chilly night. Both Hexial and James Glew did cool sets of very catchy, flowingly melodic bleepy bloopiness. And I did my bit with a serving shiny, bobulating beats, the majority from this year.


Aksak MaboulTalking with the Birds (Standalone Version)202306:15
Tal FussmanMove Your Hips202305:38
Ron MorelliGun Smoke (LP Version)202305:57
Kassem MosseA2202307:06
AccretionistWaypoint Delta – Sol. Region IV202306:58
Noah PredSpinfoam202306:23
Acid ArabDöne Döne (feat. Cem Y?ld?z)202305:46
Tdstrdnb10: Night202304:28
2nd GenMusicians Are Morons200104:10
Bensley & SkyelleAll I Wanted202304:04
WevalChanged For The Better202105:46
Jon HopkinsInsides200904:38
Beta LibraeMegafauna202305:32
Acid ArabLeila (feat. Sofiane Saidi)202304:06
IgorrrCamel Dancefloor202003:13
CardopusherUnseen Terror202303:18
Man ParrishHip Hop Be Bop198205:32
Zoë Mc PhersonBlender202304:52
Perpetual Universe & Dual DeStressDecimation202304:48
OchreDrink Malk200404:45
The NormalWarm Leatherette197803:21
DrumcorpsFriends Forever202304:24
Danger DoomEl Chupa Nibre200502:35
James HypeCrank202202:58