Bring Back The Blitz Spirit (Of Taxation)

Tax revenues as a percentage of GDP for the U.K. in comparison to the OECD and the EU 15

By Sugar-Baby-Love - Own work, CC0,

The current biggest con is the disparity between the 1% and the rest of us.

Upper-middle-class people are brainwashed into thinking they’re the 1%. They’re not – they’re paupers compared to the actual people ruining the planet.

The clue is in the number. The 99% us need to join together and remove 99.9% of the wealth from the 1%. Hell, they’d still be rich, I think that’s more than fair.

Let’s do like Britain did during the war and make sure the richest are contributing properly to society, let’s bring back 99.25% tax for the top 5% earners!