Sheroes (2023)

This film is exactly as good as any of the Fast & Furious films, Expendables or Megs 1&2. It is WAAY more fun and watchable than the last Jurassic Blah film. It is not as good as The Bourne Identity or Oceans Thirteen. It is not trying to be The Bicycle Thieves or The 400 Blows.

Why the hatred for a simple, popcorn action film? Maybe some people just don’t like seeing young women as action stars? Because they’re “unbelievable.” Really? To say they’re unbelievable means you believe ancient Arnie or Harrison Ford can leap about like spider monkeys. (Clue – they can’t.)

All the central actresses delivered great performances from what was, admittedly, occasionally lumpy dialogue. (But still better written dialogue than A New Hope, let’s be honest.) And the supporting cast were also excellent, the bit on the rocky beach with Love Interest Bloke was genuinely touching. I liked that the head kidnapper got to deliver an anti-US imperialism speech whilst twirling his moustachio. BADGES? WE NEED NO STINKING BADGES!

Okay, there were some silly bits. But Will Smith punched an alien in Independence Day – you don’t watch popcorn action films for cinema verite. In fact, partially what defines an action film is ridiculous stunts that make you throw said popcorn at the screen. The third act of Sheroes has plenty of those moments, you’re gonna need a bigger bucket.

Criticisms: there is some choppy editing going on. Like the last scene when they end up next to the plane but the audience is given no wide shot before they get there so it appears as if by magic. And what’s with the weird held shot when they’re walking up the stairs? I feel like they’d planned to throw a comic book filter on or something but couldn’t be arsed in the end so it ends up well stilted.

But I’ll forgive all that for the sense of fun, the beautiful scenery and the way that, unlike the increasingly pompous Fast series, this film blatantly does not take itself seriously. There’s no grave musings on the importance of FAMBLY here. Just women fucking around, having fun and shooting a shit ton of bad guys. YAAAAY!

Bzangy Groink DJing Playlist 28/9/23


Tonight’s TOP NEW TUNE was En Sista by Swedish wonders, Nära Döden. Here it is:

And if you don’t like that, you smell of TORY SEWAGE.

Tonight, youse hoird:

GumMinor SetbackMinor Setback202303:29
LUMERNightmare Without EndNightmare Without End202304:05
PalehoundThe ClutchEye On The Bat202303:10
StuckTime OutFreak Frequency202302:21
Uncle FesterDick VitaleSmooth Jazz Heads202302:13
Yo OGAction! (feat. Ahk Sair)Burgundy202302:28
?????10 ???????Happy Builder202302:14
Che NoirQuiet MovesNoir Or Never202302:25
Aj SuedeMount DoomParthian Shots202303:01
Navy BlueTo Fall In LoveWays of Knowing202302:56
Mason BatesTerrycloth TroposphereMason Bates: Stereo Is King201405:14
ArtbatBreathe In (Short Mix)Breathe In (Short Mix)202304:07
MicrolotHead Under The WavesArchive B202206:25
TrikkMata MataFauna & Flora Remix EP202305:50
Lars Fredrik FrøislieNaturens katedralFire Fortellinger202316:36
Mr. FingersLove to YouAround the Sun Pt.2202305:26
Night BeatsHot GheeRajan202303:44
Ruen BrothersDon’t Know What’s Come Over YouThe Fear202303:01
FlamingodsGutterballDirty Money202303:17
Harms WaySilent WolfSilent Wolf202302:45
Mark MothersbaughBrosCocaine Bear (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)202301:05
Young shushuShushu ChamplooShushu Champloo202303:45
Snapped AnklesBarbecue In BrazilBarbecue In Brazil202203:18
Nabihah IqbalIn LightDREAMER202306:41
Paolo AngeliGomenaAmbient Layers Vol.II202304:22
TrentemøllerHalt and Catch Fire (Main Title Theme)Halt and Catch Fire (Songs from the Amc Television Series)201700:32
Siddhartha KhoslaOnly Murders In The BuildingOnly Murders in the Building (Original Score)202100:51
Geese21223D Country202303:52
Eddie ChaconSundown (Gigi Masin Remix)Sundown (Gigi Masin Remix)202309:23
AudiojackPusherToolroom Amsterdam 2022202204:07
Kembe XThe BasementThe Basement202303:22
PillarsBlack PrayerCavum201905:41
LA LOMMaravillaMaravilla & Lucia202302:19
James GlewRunning OutThe Staircase Mind202310:11
Yussef DayesBlack Classical Music (feat. Venna & Charlie Stacey)Black Classical Music202305:19
Tekneek On The BeatThe RealThe Real202303:35
DeftonesSwerve CityKoi No Yokan201202:44
Johnny DuncanLast Train To San FernandoAsteroid City (Original Soundtrack)202302:28
ReptantSnitches Get GlitchesHalls of Perception202202:56
Alex LaheyThey Wouldn’t Let Me InThe Answer Is Always Yes202302:43
ZélieC’est mon trucZélie c’est quoi ?202303:05
MokoombaNzara HapanaTusona: Tracings in the Sand202304:14
Bear McCrearyFoundation Main TitleFoundation: Season 1 (Apple TV+ Original Series Soundtrack)202101:26
SpyCarceral AttitudeSatisfaction202301:45
Soccer 96Megadrive LamborghiniNova le grand mix 2016202303:59
A Tribe Called QuestAward Tour (feat. Trugoy The Dove)Midnight Marauders199303:46
Girl and GirlAll I SeeAll I See202303:46
WAYDOWNAin’t SureSomething To Move To202301:55
BABY GRAVYYou Need JesusBaby Gravy 3202302:14
Nära DödenEn sistaSlänger ingenting202302:33
SnazzbackStokes Croft Sleep ClinicRuins Everything202304:47
The HousemartinsWe’re Not DeepLondon 0 Hull 4198602:15
Leftwing:KodyWindmillI Want You / Windmill202303:30
Kota the FriendBrick By Brick (feat. Blu)To See A Sunset (Deluxe)202303:00
P.T. AdamczykThe Rebel PathCyberpunk 2077 – Original Score202004:10
Broken Vow1.51.5202302:20
The BurroughsFound My GrooveHoney Imastar202303:13
HexialLost in the Neon CityOrbit and State202304:11
Hans ZimmerLeaving Caladan Dune (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)202101:55
CitizenIf You’re LonelyIf You’re Lonely202304:04
PhotekThe Hidden CameraModus Operandi199706:49
Smashing Pumpkins1979Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Deluxe Edition)199504:26
Future UtopiaDon’t StopDon’t Stop202302:38
Depeche ModeAny Second Now (Altered)Speak & Spell | The 12″ Singles198105:42

Electric Daisy DJing 22/9/23

Photo of me DJing at Electric Daisy: a middle-aged, bespectacled, fat Indian man in a black coat sitting behind a laptop and audio mixer, reaching for a coffee and smiling broadly. 

Photo by Jay Dean @Dubrek

I had such a fun time on Friday night, DJing at Electric Daisy in Derby. Although it had pissed down earlier on, we were lucky with the weather and it was a fine, slightly chilly night. Both Hexial and James Glew did cool sets of very catchy, flowingly melodic bleepy bloopiness. And I did my bit with a serving shiny, bobulating beats, the majority from this year.


Aksak MaboulTalking with the Birds (Standalone Version)202306:15
Tal FussmanMove Your Hips202305:38
Ron MorelliGun Smoke (LP Version)202305:57
Kassem MosseA2202307:06
AccretionistWaypoint Delta – Sol. Region IV202306:58
Noah PredSpinfoam202306:23
Acid ArabDöne Döne (feat. Cem Y?ld?z)202305:46
Tdstrdnb10: Night202304:28
2nd GenMusicians Are Morons200104:10
Bensley & SkyelleAll I Wanted202304:04
WevalChanged For The Better202105:46
Jon HopkinsInsides200904:38
Beta LibraeMegafauna202305:32
Acid ArabLeila (feat. Sofiane Saidi)202304:06
IgorrrCamel Dancefloor202003:13
CardopusherUnseen Terror202303:18
Man ParrishHip Hop Be Bop198205:32
Zoë Mc PhersonBlender202304:52
Perpetual Universe & Dual DeStressDecimation202304:48
OchreDrink Malk200404:45
The NormalWarm Leatherette197803:21
DrumcorpsFriends Forever202304:24
Danger DoomEl Chupa Nibre200502:35
James HypeCrank202202:58

What Took You So Long?

Futurama S11E10 All The Way Down - Leela, the Prof and Amy are at the conference table in the middle of which is his new entire simulated universe.

Sooo… as it was getting near the end of S11E10 of #Futurama (All The Way Down), I thought… they’re not, are they?

And, yep, they did. They copied one of the plot points from #GregEgan’s #PermutationCity which came out in 1994.

So, my theory that #ScienceFiction moves from hardcore to mainstream in around thirty years is, once again, VINDICATED!

They’ll rue the day they expelled me from the academy, those CLAMS!

Bring Back The Blitz Spirit (Of Taxation)

Tax revenues as a percentage of GDP for the U.K. in comparison to the OECD and the EU 15

By Sugar-Baby-Love - Own work, CC0,

The current biggest con is the disparity between the 1% and the rest of us.

Upper-middle-class people are brainwashed into thinking they’re the 1%. They’re not – they’re paupers compared to the actual people ruining the planet.

The clue is in the number. The 99% us need to join together and remove 99.9% of the wealth from the 1%. Hell, they’d still be rich, I think that’s more than fair.

Let’s do like Britain did during the war and make sure the richest are contributing properly to society, let’s bring back 99.25% tax for the top 5% earners!

Capitalism Is Poverty, Socialism Is The Answer

You know those capitalist evangelists, those disruptive entrepreneurs that insist that capitalism will fix everything and we’ll be in this amazing future of AI-generated infinite wealth er… for.. everyone.

Apparently, they’re full of shit.


Study Debunks
Capitalism as
Solution to
Global Poverty
A study by Dylan Sullivan and Jason
Hickel challenges the commonly held belief that capitalism is necessary for improving human well-being. " claims that capitalism delivered a steady and dramatic reduction in global poverty over time are not supported by the data"

Picture: A small child, looking starved. holds up an Apple logo to their mouth.


  • The common notion that extreme poverty is the “natural” condition of humanity and only declined with the rise of capitalism rests on income data that do not adequately capture access to essential goods.
  • Data on real wages suggests that, historically, extreme poverty was uncommon and arose primarily during periods of severe social and economic dislocation, particularly under colonialism.
  • The rise of capitalism from the long 16th century onward is associated with a decline in wages to below subsistence, a deterioration in human stature, and an upturn in premature mortality.
  • In parts of South Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, wages and/or height have still not recovered.
  • Where progress has occurred, significant improvements in human welfare began only around the 20th century. These gains coincide with the rise of anti-colonial and socialist political movements.

Sullivan, D., & Hickel, J. (2023). Capitalism and extreme poverty: A global analysis of real wages, human height, and mortality since the long 16th century. World development161, 106026.

No Fancy-Schmancy For Me!

So, I was trying to book a fancy restaurant and nearly committed till I saw they had a dress code which said no sports clothing / trainers.

I have an abdominal hernia which means I have to wear certain types of top for comfort, polo shirts usually. And the oedema in my feet means that two hours in fancy shoes = next day hobbling.

It’d be nice to have fancy food but I guess I’ll just give my money to somewhere not so up its own arse.

Greg Egan – Scale

I just finished Scale by Greg Egan and, as usual, I’m left with a hurty brain but also an intriguing story.

So, yeah, wild premise that’s not fantasy it’s (very) Hard SF. Here’s a link to The Science Of Scale.

(WARNING – heavy physics in that linky.)

Graph of electron position in an atom
A graph of leptons in helium with the text: 

In the universe of Scale, an electrically neutral atom might contain any mixture of leptons of different masses, so long as their total number, and hence the total negative charge, balances the positive charge of the nucleus. But while an atom like this can be a lot more complicated than the muon/electron helium atom, the same general principle applies. The overall scale of the atom will be determined by the mass of the lightest leptons that the atom contains, the number of such leptons, and the screened charge of the nucleus: its actual positive charge, plus the negative charge of the heavier leptons that sit closer to the nucleus than the lightest ones.

So there’s all that but the actual story is far more about the human condition, politics, fear, love, community. Egan’s use of scale is an ingenious invention that will make you ponder ‘what if.’

Here’s an excerpt:

“As the phone started ringing, the leftmost indicator bulb in the row of seven lit up, blinking in time with the jangle of the buzzer but bright enough to shine clearly through the red gel and a patina of dust. Sam hesitated, doubting his own eyes for a moment, then tempted to assume a wrong number and spare both parties the nuisance of a protracted conversation.

But he couldn’t let the call ring out. Even a wrong number from Scale One would be the most interesting thing that had happened to him all week.

He lifted the handset. “Lucid Investigations,” he announced, then he jabbed the DONE button. The exchange let him hear the slow bass rumble as it replayed his taped voice three octaves deeper, then he listened in as it gathered the reply. He could follow most Scale Three and Scale Five speech effortlessly, but he struggled to get any purchase on the tortured syllables splayed out in these strange groans before the exchange stepped in and spared him the effort.

“Do you take clients from District One?”

Bzangy Groink DJing Playlist 31/8/23

The best new song was a WHOLE ALBUM tonight and that was the magical, wonderful, scintillating, shimmying, jazz-handsing Subspace Rhapsody by the cast of Strange New Worlds / crew of the Starship Enterprise.

I cannot emphasise how much I love this episode. I’ve watched it four times now and each time, I notice more little touches, understand more of the lyrics. It’s beautiful!

I can’t pick one song from the whole lot but, today, if I had to, it’d be this one:

SUCH a song. ?

Tonight, you heard:

SquidThe BladesO Monolith202306:28106.4
John AdamsShaker Loops: I. Shaking and TremblingViolin Concerto / Shaker Loops199608:25151.2
KölschAll That MattersAll That Matters (Artbat Remix)202308:49125.0
Davor TosovicMind in MotionMeditation Chamber202205:24120.0
BawrutSonidero UseraRaqs EP202306:05122.0
Seven ImpaleHYDRASUMMIT202310:3478.0
MioclonoBlue SkiesCluster I202307:22148.0
Caterina BarbieriSwirls of YouMyuthafoo202305:3480.0
JacaszekChant 2Ambient Layers Vol.II202304:4480.0
Yussef DayesBlack Classical Music (feat. Venna & Charlie Stacey)Black Classical Music (feat. Venna & Charlie Stacey)202305:1977.0
Meshell NdegeocelloClear WaterThe Omnichord Real Book202304:35101.0
Whatitdo Archive GroupThe Cashmere ChamberPalace Of A Thousand Sounds202303:2994.0
Cookin SoulGhost & Rae freesRAW TAPES vol. 1202302:5291.2
Death GoalsYear of the GuillotineA Garden of Dead Flowers202301:1499.8
GHEISTGravityGravity EP202306:11126.0
Ruen BrothersDon’t Know What’s Come Over YouTen Paces202303:01142.0
Alogte Oho & His Sounds of JoyLa Ka Ba’aO Yinne!202304:12126.0
Dwa S?awyMewaI JEST TO MO?LIWE mixtape202303:2685.0
EndGaping Wounds of EarthGaping Wounds of Earth202302:43103.3
D-UnityJust ListenJust Listen202306:11136.0
HallanSisyphusThe Noise of a Firing Gun202304:00125.0
Jeff RussoStar Trek Strange New Worlds Main Title (Subspace Rhapsody Version)Star Trek Strange New Worlds Season 2 – Subspace Rhapsody (Original Series Soundtrack)202301:51130.0
maSCaffe LatteVi Ses202302:39112.0
Santa MuerteCoahuiltecanCoahuiltecan202303:12129.5
Chico BuarqueSamba para JoãoSenzala e Favela202302:4778.0
AshbeckSide By SideSide By Side202302:17140.0
BullyHard to LoveLucky For You202302:3398.0
Chapter & VerseLook In My EyesLook In My Eyes202203:25125.0
Information SocietyWhat’s on Your Mind (Pure Energy)Information Society198804:35118.2
Mateus CarrilhoMeninoPaixão Nacional202302:4885.0
TOBiFlowers (feat. MAVI)Flowers (feat. MAVI)202303:0283.0
Allah-LasThe StuffThe Stuff / Zuma 85202303:57118.5
DJ GerardDisappointingN-Face; By Hook or By Crook202305:22143.5
Jim SharpMade (feat. Marlon Craft)Made (feat. Marlon Craft)202303:4195.7
WornEntity And FormEntity And Form202302:1588.4
NijiSounds of the CitySounds of the City202304:54141.0
TeflonThe Thoro Side (feat. M.O.P.)2 Sides To Every Story202303:1998.0
Anson MountStatus ReportStar Trek Strange New Worlds Season 2 – Subspace Rhapsody (Original Series Soundtrack)202302:56132.0
The Archaic EpidemicMirage of TyrantsCarnivorous Diadem Deluxe Edition202304:2590.0
Hypnotic Brass EnsembleTreasureTreasure202304:0490.0
TripolismDope DanceDope Dance202303:37120.0
Venetian SnaresMásodik GalambRossz Csillag Alatt Született200506:01111.2
MoullinexNSSSExtinction Event202304:58125.0
Body TypeHolding OnExpired Candy202302:4880.0
Rebecca RomijnConnect To Your TruthStar Trek Strange New Worlds Season 2 – Subspace Rhapsody (Original Series Soundtrack)202301:5190.0
The WaltonesDon’t UnderstandYou’ve Gotta Hand It To ‘Em: The Very Best Of The Waltones198902:32139.7
Jelani BlackmanWhen You Feel ItWhen You Feel It202302:3098.4
RVGMidnight SunBrain Worms202303:04150.0
The DelgadosEverything Goes Around the WaterPeloton199904:15130.4
Jo HillGlastonburyCinematic Baby202303:48150.0
Manga Saint Hilare1234Save Yourself202302:0786.4
SupermilkJessica’s ArmyJessica’s Army / Ribcage202303:48126.0
ZélieC’est mon trucZélie c’est quoi ?202303:05118.0
Christina ChongHow Would That FeelStar Trek Strange New Worlds Season 2 – Subspace Rhapsody (Original Series Soundtrack)202304:25132.0
NecropantherOne and OnlyBetrayal202303:04102.0
DJ HondaOn The MicHII199703:4696.7
Nära DödenVill se dig vara vakenVill se dig vara vaken202302:2988.5
Anson MountPrivate ConversationStar Trek Strange New Worlds Season 2 – Subspace Rhapsody (Original Series Soundtrack)202301:29123.0
Radiator HospitalYr HeadCan’t Make Any Promises202301:29114.2
SOMAAFuga ao ContrárioFuga ao Contrário202303:35113.0
Rebecca RomijnKeeping SecretsStar Trek Strange New Worlds Season 2 – Subspace Rhapsody (Original Series Soundtrack)202304:11140.0
Yoni Mayraz1999Dybbuk Tse!202302:3392.0
Lifeguard17-18 Lovesong17-18 Lovesong202304:13115.8
The PrimitivesStop Killing MeLovely198802:0496.3
Orange JuiceFelicityYou Can’t Hide Your Love Forever198202:35146.0
Celia Rose GoodingKeep Us ConnectedStar Trek Strange New Worlds Season 2 – Subspace Rhapsody (Original Series Soundtrack)202304:3088.0