Tories Partied As The Dying Forced To Isolate

Michael Gove has apologised for a video showing Tory activists at a Christmas party during lockdown in 2020, saying it is “indefensible”.

The video published by the Mirror shows workers drinking and dancing at an event in London in December that year.

The housing secretary told the BBC the footage was “terrible” and would leave people feeling “extremely angry”.

The Conservative Party said it had already taken disciplinary action over the event.

In the footage, one person is heard saying it is OK to film “as long as we don’t stream that we’re, like, bending the rules”.

Source: BBC News

Another day, another Tory crime exposed and un-punished.

Normal Brits were charged, arrested and fined but it’s okay cos Gove says ‘SOZ, LOL!’

Families didn’t get to see loved ones AS THEY WERE DYING as Tories sniffed coke out of each other’s arses.