Carsington Water June 2023

Carsington Reservoir- 06

Today, I did a test trip to Carsington Reservoir to see if I could have a walk about and how knackered I got.

I took these pics as I was ambling. Verrrry slowly.

It was wonderful to be out in the sun, I always love the quality of sunshine there and being to see soooo far away. It gives one a real feeling of smallness in nature, something it’s easy to lose when you’re just in your house 24/7 like I am. Like a barnacle.

So I wandered but quickly got achey and felt a bit lightheaded. On the way home, I stopped at Croots and stocked up on tasty bits and bobs, thereby erasing any calories I expended on the walk. It’s traditional.

Since getting home, I’ve been bingeing Midsomers and processing pics. It’s 2.07am now, time for a coffee and some Croots fruitcake.