Month: May 2023

  • Bzangy Groink DJing Playlist 25/5/23

    Another lubly Bzangy with a fragrant cohort of mop-topped music geeks comprising the audience. The most fun thing about being a DJ is trying to read your crowd and then poking them with tracks, seeing if you can make them sing / dance / laugh / weep. And I can tell you, I had fun…

  • It’s A Small Broadchurch

    So, I’ve never watched Broadchurch before and in the first five minutes, there’s already 1 x Doctor Who1 x Who Companion I haven’t even seen David Tennant yet. Apparently, there’s a Torchwood alumni in it too but I dunno if that’s this first series I’m watching. The only other thing that can keep up with…

  • Honor 5 Magic Pro First Test Shots

    Obviously, I’ve only had it for a few hours so it might yet blow up or start crashing or whatever but it’s off to a good start.

  • HACF Again

    This is a reply I made on this Reddit: I did a list of my fave ever telly programmes and it took me bloody ages. There was only one thing that could be number one: I feel that because of its ostensibly geeky focus, people sleep on HACF. I get sooo annoyed when I meet…

  • Rainy Garden May 2023

    I was looking out and one minute, sunny, the next, BAM, a storm that soaked everything. April showers running late this year.

  • Carpet-Farpet

    Here I am bingeing Grand Designs and thinking ‘ooh, lemme build my dream house/studio’ but the truth is I haven’t got the energy / health to get my sitting room re-carpeted. The thought of clearing it out, all the books and tech and breakables… that would take me a fortnight. And the same to put…

  • FUCK The Coronation

    The front page of BBC News right now. Sick of all the royalist bullshit today. Here’s where you can complain: Make A Complaint.

  • Jedi: Survivor – Nope

    Boom! Loading up this half-arsed, screen-tearing, moonwalking wreck of a game after the wondrous world of Horizon Burning Shores was the definition of the sublime to the ridiculous. Please stop releasing games before they’re even half-finished.

  • Starmer Is A Tory Part Nnnghh

    In today’s KEITH IS A FUCKING TORY WANKER news: Labour is set to abandon its promise to scrap university tuition fees in England if it wins power, its leader has said. Sir Keir Starmer told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme the party was “likely to move on from that commitment”, blaming the economic backdrop. During…

  • Happy May Day!

    Call me old-fashioned, but I’d like the leader of the Labour Party to be an actual socialist? I don’t want two capitalist parties like they have in the USA, who only differ on how they’d manage capitalism. I want a party who backs dismantling capitalism. You know, a *socialist* party.