Matthew Healy – Another “Ironic” Racist

The 1975's Matty Healy Apologizes for Offending Ice Spice, But Not for Those Same Offensive Jokes
During an appearance on The Adam Friedland Show, the frontman, Friedland, and Nick Mullen made derogatory comments about the rapper and mocked Chinese and Hawaiian accents

During the conversation, Healy mentioned that he once messaged Ice Spice on Instagram, which opened the floodgates for Friedland and Mullen to refer to her as an “Inuit Spice Girl,” saying: “This chubby Chinese lady. ‘Yeah, I rap and [make] music.’ Do they talk like that? Do Inuits talk like that?” What followed was their unabashed mocking of Chinese and Hawaiian accents while Healy laughed along.

If Healy was embarrassed like he told the audience he often is when he finds himself in hot water, which happens at a perplexing frequency, it didn’t show. “Yeah, that’s what Ice Spice is like,” he agreed, co-signing the mockery more than participating. In another instance, the hosts encouraged Healy to message the rapper on Instagram for clarity. “So you slide into her DMs and ask ‘What are you? A fucking Eskimo or something?’”

Source: Rolling Stone

Whether it’s Morrissey, Philip Larkin or Healy, the amount white people will bend over backwards to forgive their favourite racists is extraordinary.

I listened to the original podcast and it was two rich white men being HILARIOUSLY racist. Nick Mullen was the Clarkson and Healy was a bully sidekick, Hammond re-incarnated. Watch below and just replace every mention of Hammond with Healy, it works perfectly:

Fuck Healy and fuck every racist.