Monster Hunter (2020)

Movie poster for Monster Hunter (2020) featuring Milla Jovovich in te foreground (holding a sword and looking intrepid), Tony Jaa behind her doing the same and then a ferocious monster behind them, roaring.

I really don’t understand the low score for this film, I expected something dull and lifeless. But it’s a hoot, from the start to the last meowing post-credits scene. It is way, way better than I expected from the critical savaging it got at release.

PEOPLE – IT’S A MONSTER FILM! The clue is in the title. Don’t expect the emotional heft of Petit Maman – it’s a MONSTER FILM.

Milla Jovovich and Tony Jaa running across a desert looking scared and determined, holding various swords and bows, dressed in a medieaval style.

That being said, Jovovich puts in excellent work conveying both the physicality and battle-pain of her character, you can believe she’s a hard-ass officer. It helps that the fight choreography is on-point, I’ve seen a lot worse. Her and Jaa have some good chemistry going on and I loved that there was ABSOLUTELY ZERO lovey-dovey stuff; they were just comrades in a world full of nasty huge beasties. When the monsters and the CGI do appear, it’s waaaay better than most blockbuster offerings lately and the whole adds up to pure, silly FUN!

Part of that is the comedy, which is very restrained and old-fashioned cheesy! It hasn’t got that arch smug quippery that every Marvel film has now. It’s more simple buffoonery and hairball-related japes. Ron does get a couple of good one-liners in, bless him.

Get some popcorn ready or a big pizza and settle in for a genuinely action-packed and thrilling monster romp.