Billionaires Feast Whilst Poverty Rockets

Unsurprisingly, here’s one Oxfam report that hasn’t been plastered over our headlines.

“Since 2020 – i.e. the beginning of the pandemic – the top one percent has appropriated two-thirds of all new wealth created, nearly doubling their profits in that short time. Of the $42 trillion of wealth created in the past three years, $26 trillion has gone to the 1 percent, with the rest of humanity receiving just $16 trillion.

The world’s billionaires have been enjoying historic profits. In the past decade, the number of billionaires and the share of the wealth that they’ve taken have doubled.

Since 2020, the profits of billionaires have increased by $2.7 billion a day.

If you break down those figures, you find that for every new dollar of wealth earned by someone in the bottom 90 percent of society, a billionaire has earned $1.7 million.”


The cost of living for ordinary people has gone insane, people in jobs are having to turn to food banks more than ever before and meanwhile Musk, Bezos and their 1% friends have been rolling in increasing wealth, gained at our expense.

Something is going to break. It’s inevitable.