Month: February 2023

  • Bzangy Groink DJing Playlist 23/2/22

    Tonight’s top new tune was Rizikó by Hungarian rapper Kolg8eight: I have NO IDEA what he’s saying but I like the way he says it. (EDIT – thanks to Google Translate, I do know what he’s saying.) Tonight, you heard: Artist Title Photay Quartet Improvisation 053021 ZOPP You Leland Whitty Awake Cosmic Boys Miracle Kante…

  • More Picard Madness

    I’m trying with Picard but it’s annoying me more and more. Now, apparently, medicine isn’t free in the future. *sigh* How is this possible in that energy is free (stars) and matter replication trivial? If you don’t like Roddenberry’s #FullLuxuryQueerSpaceCommunism, you should write stories that question its basis not just flout its reality.

  • Gojira At The Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham, 21/2/2023

    I dosed myself up with painkillers so I could go to the #Gojira gig tonight. Despite this, my knee gave out at the end of the night so I had to crawl up the stairs a bit on the way out. Totally worth it. They were FUCKING AMAZING!

  • Linux Is MINT!

    Apologies if this is a repeat post – I’ve been a bit brain foggy today. BUT I’ve now been running LinuxMint on my 2011 MacbookAir for a couple of weeks and it’s BRILLIANT! The laptop is once again snappy and responsive and the whole gooey is, frankly, lovely. If you’ve got old comps that aged…

  • Billionaires Feast Whilst Poverty Rockets

    Unsurprisingly, here’s one Oxfam report that hasn’t been plastered over our headlines. “Since 2020 – i.e. the beginning of the pandemic – the top one percent has appropriated two-thirds of all new wealth created, nearly doubling their profits in that short time. Of the $42 trillion of wealth created in the past three years, $26…

  • Re-Installing OSX Lion Eleven Years Later

    Hooo boy – re-installing Lion on a 2011 #MacbookAir is *not easy!* The laptop can’t do it via network because, apparently, Apple let some file certificates lapse in 2018. You have to dl a Lion install, open up the pkg and fish out InstallESD.dmg, THEN burn that to a USB stick with Balena Etcher Wish…

  • Bakey Time

    Bit of a sad day healthwise so I baked some banana bread to cheer myself up. Came out slightly wrong but it’s still tasty so eh. Stupid neck.

  • Enormous SSD

    New Macbook Pro means new backup drive… Every now and then, I have to stop and think, “I’m storing four terabytes of data in a stick of chewing gum.” What a world.