Hoose Yerself

When I was playing NYC PopFest in 2012, I travelled back from Manhattan to Brooklyn and saw this young woman busking on the subway platform (but it wasn’t underground.. er..).

She was amazing: had a clear, honey voice and played acoustic guitar in a sparse and assured way.

I waited till she had finished and then went up to her, gave her my business card and said to get in touch as I knew publishers who would love her. Which I did.

She never got in touch.

I wish she had.

I meet very many people who are assured of their musical genius, who have zero self-doubt. Only maybe 0.01% aren’t tripping.

But, fuck, the people I’ve met who are genuinely fucking great, who have the kind of talent I don’t have, who make me adore them and envy them in a couple of verses…

… I wish they’d just have a tenth of the self-belief of the dreadful ones.

Give it a shot! If you’re gonna fail, fail gloriously in technicolor and 128-speaker surround.

Fuck it!