Month: January 2023

  • Bzangy Groink DJing Playlist 26/1/2023

    Whoop whoop! First Bzangy of 2023! Tonight’s best new choon was Get Unjaded by The Cool Greenhouse, a wonderful sputter of rambling meanderings over an angular post-punk beat. Here’s the tykes: Photay Feeling, Now Matriarchs All Hail the Underdog Ahab Colossus of the Liquid Graves Axel Boman Nowhere Good feat. Bella Boo Humour alive and…

  • Baby Way

    Because everyone needs to see how precious bebe Gerard Way is. <3

  • Hoose Yerself

    When I was playing NYC PopFest in 2012, I travelled back from Manhattan to Brooklyn and saw this young woman busking on the subway platform (but it wasn’t underground.. er..). She was amazing: had a clear, honey voice and played acoustic guitar in a sparse and assured way. I waited till she had finished and…

  • The Reluctant Hero Becomes The Galactic Emperor

    Re-watching Babylon5, I realised why Sheridan’s character development seemed familiar to me: he’s James Holden ! The way Bruce Boxleitner does subtle inflections of character after Sheridan is President is ~chef’s kiss~ And very, very Holden once he started believing his own hype.

  • New Year, New Music!

    NEW YEAR, NEW MUSICS! I’m on Twitch and last week I did a live acid improv stream. Now, here’s the EP of that night! So, if you’re a fan of acid house or just like minimal, extremely repetitive, annoying electronic music, check it out!

  • Cobweb And Snow

    There was a quick burst of snow today. I hate it but it’s pretty!

  • Fatphobia And GPs

    Me: Doctor, I’ve broken my arm.GP: It’s cos you’re fat. Me: Doctor, I stood on a nail.GP: It’s cos you’re fat. Me: Doctor, I’ve got a bad ear infection.GP: It’s cos you’re fat. Me: Doctor, I’m fat.GP: Have you tried eating less and doing more?Me: I was first put on a diet as a 7yo.…

  • Babylon 5 Bit Part

    SO, I bought all 100 eps of #Babylon5 (it was 25 quid, couldn’t resist) and as I’m watching, this actress appears… It’s a very young Constance Zimmer in a bit part, her second role ever, 1994. I thought, what have I seen her in? Turns out – everything. Look at this for a CV, my…

  • South Asian Avengers

    I’m currently using #Midjourney to generate #SouthAsian versions of #MarvelAvengers and it’s making me weirdly emotional. As a little kid, #MarvelComics were an escape from my daily racist bullying at the hands of white teachers and schoolmates. Here’s my #AI-generated visions of #SouthAsian #Marvel #Superheroes My prompt: “Marvel Avengers but they are all South Asian…