Strangers, Friends, Lovers, Friends, Strangers Again

I’m 56 now. In my *personal experience* (not trying to universalise this), as one gets older, it becomes perilously easy to lose friends and harder to make new ones.

When I was 18 and gigging every other week, I’d just bump into people – boom, MATES. It was fission-like, friend leading to new friends.

That changes as you get older, you have to put a lot more conscious energy into the process. To get a burp. Like a fusion tokamak.

Today, I’ve been messaging people I’ve lost touch with in that drifty, floaty way. We didn’t argue, we didn’t fall out but life just got in the way and then it’s a year or two or PRE-COVID since you last spoke.

And isn’t that awkward and shouldn’t we leave things and argh embarrassment?

I would, but I miss them. Once someone has been my friend, I’ll always think about them, always wonder how they’re doing. It’s even worse if we were lovers