Powers Of 2

Ai-generated film poster of a young man and woman back to back, joined by a fiery boundary, text above says POWESRENT2

Was anyone else obsessed with powers of 2 when they were a lil kid, like under 10yo?

I remember memorising them all up to 65536 and being really, really happy. It just gave me a deep pleasure, the kind a beautiful sunset gives me now.

I tried later to get up to 2147483648 but it never took.

And then, when home computers took off, there’s them magic numbers again. Commodore 64, BBCB 32k, Dragon 32.

They’re just… really cool? I can’t explain it? I’m terrible at maths but this series I find as pleasing as a snowflake or Erik Satie’s Ogives.

You know when something just cleaves through you on a deep, deep ontological level. It feels like they’re some kind of cosmic, a priori pattern that *I have* to acknowledge?

The roll of 256 to 512, of 1024 to 2048… there’s an immanent beauty there.