Meet Cute (2022)

First – this is not a romcom. Well, it’s about as much a romcom as Punch Drunk Love or Eternal Sunshine are. There are funny bits but it’s the baby chickens on Eraserhead’s dinner plate funny.

Fundamentally, it’s a science fiction film that uses the mechanism of time travel to explore determinism, identity, existentialism and, most of all, the dream myth of love. If that sounds up your street, I think you’ll like this film prodding your grey matter back into life after MAJOR MOTION PICTURE hibernation.

In the end, it’s about the mess that life is and the simple, reconstructive force that redemptive love can be, once we stop dodging it.

Both Cuoco and Davidson deliver stellar, nuanced performances that, in a fairer world, would have them up for awards. But this isn’t an Oscar-bait movie; it’s an open rumination rather than a polemic.

In a TikTok culture where every piece of media seems geared to appeal to the emotional maturity of children, seeing an adult film about the reality of adult love is almost shockingly refreshing. Not one “wait – WHART?”, not one 30+yo acting like they’re 14. Real love: messy and stupid and horrible and wonderful and crushing and sedimentarily deep with a lifetime of hurts.

What would you do with your time machine?