Fairchild Semiconductor Pitch

Fairchild Semiconductor is a soundtrack album I wrote for a TV show that does not exist.


We do not live in a universe where there’s a lavish TV series about Fairchild Semiconductor. But we should and I want to do my utmost to make that universe this one.

When I first learned the Fairchild story, it was so dramatic, so singular that I had to dive more deeply. Having spent hours researching various magazine articles, journals and physics papers way over my head, I became ever more obsessed by Fairchild. I was fascinated by the company and the long shadow its Fairchildren, like AMD and Intel, cast over our lives today.

I would love my album to inspire a real TV series that explored the personalities and the science of those times. Ideally, it would be a co-production between, say, Netflix and the BBC. There would be a one-hour dramatic show, telling the story and then a follow-up one-hour behind-the-science episode. I want people to know the fascinating history behind the last great industrial revolution, without which today’s inter-connected, interdependent world would be impossible.

There were four transistors on the first ever monolithic IC Fairchild invented in 1960.

There are sixteen thousand million transistors on Apple’s M1 chip in 2022.

I want to hear that story.