Month: September 2022

  • Get Up Off Our Knees

    SONG OF THE DAY “Famines will be famines Banquets will be banquets Some spend winter in a palace Some spend it in blankets.” #EnoughIsEnough #AbolishTheMonarchy #GetUpOffOurKnees #Socialism #TheHousemartins

  • Vampire Dream Team

    I do love a good vampire romp and they seem to have fallen out of favour lately, sadly. Maybe it’s a reaction to Twilight or the fact the world itself seems to have descended into apocalyptic nightmare so our tastes have changed. Whatever, there’s not enough crazy vamp action around so I used Midjourney to…

  • Star Wars Fan Art

    More Midjourney tomfoolery, this time to generate some dogfights and laser battles from one of my fave sci-fi universes. PEW! PEW! PEW!

  • Tekkonkinkreet Fan Art

    I love Tekkonkinkreet, it’s one of my fave ever films, not just fave animes. So, I generated these with Midjourney to help remind me of that awesome world. I wish I could visit it. Maybe in the future, when some Midjourney descendent can render real-time 3D VR?

  • Promoting With Midjourney

    I made my mate Hazz some logos for her gig promotion company. I used Midjourney AI for the backgrounds and Canva for the text.

  • Did Midjourney Just Communicate With Me?

    It’s only a matter of time now, people. And let’s face it, our silicon children couldn’t do a worse job with planet Earth than we have.