J.G. Ballard Predicts The Existence Of Tumblr

STORM: In SF Horizons, Brian Aldiss wrote that 'Ballard is seldom
discussed in fanzines'. Time has certainly proved him wrong, and now
you are one of the most discussed people in fandom. What do you
think of fandom itself?
BALLAD: I didn't know that was the case, because I never see any
fanzines. I don't have any contact with fans. My one and only contact
with fandom was when I'd just started writing, twelve years ago, when
the World Science Fiction Convention was being held in London, in
1957, and I went along to that as a young new writer hoping to meet
people who were interested in the serious aims of science fiction and
all its possibilities. In fact there was just a collection of very
unintelligent people, who were almost illiterate, who had no interest
whatever in the serious and interesting possibilities of science fiction.
In fact I was so taken aback by that convention that I more or less
stopped writing for a couple of years. Since then I've had absolutely
nothing to do with fans, and I think they're a great handicap to science
fiction and always have been.
I mean… cruel but accurate, no?