Anti-Semitism Weaponised By Blairites

Well, well – anti-Semitism weaponised by the right wing, to get rid of Corbyn? And the whole British media going along with the scam?

Also, to accuse the actual socialists of weaponising anti-Semitism is ridiculous: they didn’t start the whole campaign of lies, the right wing did. Nothing the left could do to investigate or defend the party was going to work against the systematic campaign to turn the party into the UK Democrats.

The tame media said that Labour had a terrible problem with anti-Semitism in the party when, in fact, it was around 0.3% of members. Now that is 0.3% too much – I have zero love for Nazis. But it’s not the masses of bootboys that the media portrayed.

To all the former “Labour supporters” who denounced Corbyn – how do you feel now? He was witch-hunted by the Tories and the Blairites and you fell for it.

Every fucking lie.