Month: July 2022

  • RIP David Warner (1941 – 2022)

    He made everything better. Even if it’s one voice or a passing bit, David Warner made it stick and made you think about it often years after. He felt like family.

  • J.G. Ballard Predicts The Existence Of Tumblr

  • No Such Thing As A Good Empire I see a lot of USA-bashing on Twitter and Reddit by Brits. And, yes, some of it is historically justifiable. But those same Brits are the ones who think of the British Empire as some kind of benevolent, peaceful arrangement. There is a huge blind-spot in Britain about the horrors of their bloodsucking Empire.…

  • Anti-Semitism Weaponised By Blairites Well, well – anti-Semitism weaponised by the right wing, to get rid of Corbyn? And the whole British media going along with the scam? Also, to accuse the actual socialists of weaponising anti-Semitism is ridiculous: they didn’t start the whole campaign of lies, the right wing did. Nothing the left could do to investigate…

  • It’s The End Of The World As We Know It

    Well, it was a lovely planet before capitalism fucked it up. No, it wasn’t cos we used plastic straws or had a few carrier bags:…/carbon-footprint-pr-campaign-sham

  • Ms. Marvel And The South Asian Diaspora

    I am so happy that young South Asian girls have Ms. Marvel on their tellies, tablets and phones. I am so happy that young white kids watching Ms. Marvel will see views of Karachi and get an idea of Pakistan beyond the racist tropes peddled by the Western media. Beyond the murder porn of US…