Jamais Vu Or No?

Any idea what this might be?
I'm not sure what subreddit to post this in but I'm genuinely curious as to whether what I experience is unique or an actual condition and I thought this subreddit would suffice.

When I listen to certain songs, for example recently, "Everyday" by A$AP Rocky, Rod Stewart, Miguel, and Mark Ronson, I imagine my future life, usually just a specific "scene," where the song I'm listening to is somewhat like background music. The only thing similar that I can compare this to is a scene from a movie where the MC is traveling and music plays as the camera pans across the car driving down a road.

When I go into this trance-like state, I really enjoy fantasizing about what I could achieve in my life and I seek out more songs that make me feel that way.

In response to the above:

I know *exactly* what you mean. I often have a sharp moment of feeling like I’m in another life, another whole existence and I know that person’s history, setting, everything. I used to call it jamais vu as a play on deja vu until I found out that was already in use: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jamais_vu

It’s most often triggered by music but I can’t make it happen on purpose, it’s entirely random! It’s not favourite bands or songs or always unknown, there’s no pattern I’ve been able to divine. Some music will start and, suddenly, I’ll be on top of a mountain I’ve never been on or in New York in 1934 as a kid.

I like to think of it as quantum bleedthrough enabled by the brain structures that Roger Penrose posited.