The Wildest Show On Television


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Just watching the Speakeasy episode and it only confirms that this show is THE BEST SUPERHERO SHOW EVER! It has drama, it has sadness but, most of all, it is RIDICULOUS FUN and always makes me giggle.

The Flash is too earnest, everyone is too amazing and perfect. Supergirl was kind of in-between LoT and Flash but LoT just rules.

To be an actor on it must be a fucking romp as where are you gonna be? When are you gonna be? Wild West? Viking? Bowling Alley Outside The Universe? Are you dead – doesn’t matter, you can still pop up. Did you leave the series – even less important. You’ll hop back in and out with not even one eyelid batted. It’s truly an ensemble show, a very over-used and mis-applied description but actually true here.


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In these times when the world is a never-ending series of punches in the nuts, having something as reliably uplifting and escapist as LoT is a true public service.