Day: November 3, 2021

  • Does Anyone Miss Halt And Catch Fire As Much As I Do?

    I need to watch the whole series again with someone who gets it. But most people who are old enough to get it stopped feeling emotions two decades ago. And the people with emotions are too young to really get it.

  • My First NFT

    Here’s is my first NFT offering, the first person to offer me ONE MILLION SPOUNDS receives the PNG file. I promise I haven’t copied it much. And pngs are un-copyable anyway. Also, there’s no NFT as I cba. It’s yours in Zuck’s EvilCloud FOREVER. #bargain #HighArt #FuckNFTs

  • The Best TV Shows Ever

    At the minute, this is a bare list. If I ever have time, I’ll flesh it out with them new-fangled hyperlinks and maybe an under construction gif. Ladies and genitals: BEST TV EVER LIST 2021 EDIT – Charles Smith very kindly converted this to an IMDB list. Thank you, Charlie!