Last Ever Palfrey

Last Ever Palfrey
The Palfrey has long been one of my fave eating places in Derby. I popped in the other week while I was in town getting some snaps off Iyisha.

Tom, the head honcho, was at work and told me the whole business is moving out of town.

I felt quite sad, don’t know why. They’re not closing, just re-locating.

I guess it’s because it feels like another nail in the coffin of Derby’s city centre shopping/dining culture.

BUT it’s not shutting… just moving! STAY POSITIVE!


Is there anything funnier than the petulant pettiness of pet rockstars? I watched this earlier:

After I finished giggling at two grown men essentially saying the other smelt of pooh, I pondered something I’ve thought for years.

Why isn’t there a Viz strip about Billy Corgan?

In particular, I always thought there should have been a Viz strip called BILLY CORGAN AND HIS MASSIVE ORGAN.

it would be Billy in various inappropriate situations saying, “I’m GONNA WHIP MY MASSIVE ORGAN OUT!”

And then the next panel would be him sat at a huge church organ and everyone being relieved / disappointed.

Will someone, anyone, make my dreams come true?