On Sleep Deprivation

deep breath

So, I’ve not been sleeping much because I’ve had a weird bastard cold. I’m getting around 3 hours a night.

This morning I woke with bad jaw gland pain at around 6am and went to take 2 paracetamols and 2 ibuprofens. I use different shapes to help me differentiate which is which. But this time, due to the confusion of no sleep, I went wrong and took 4 ibuprofens.


Still half asleep, I got into a big panic, googled ibuprofen overdose on my phone and got something saying 800mg (which I’d just taken) would damage my kidneys and I needed to go to hospital.

So, I spent 10 mins panicking, trying to make myself sick and couldn’t. Tried both ends of the toothbrush which was not fun at all. Nothing.

Finally, I calmed down a bit and phoned my sis (who is a doctor) and luckily she was up.

Her words, “No, no, you’ll be fine. If they were that bad, they wouldn’t give them out like Smarties. Just drink loads of water and take rest”

Cue very embarrassed me.

I really, really need some solid sleep.

At least I didn’t got to WebMD and find out I’ve got cancer.