Month: July 2021

  • Class Rank (2017)

    “Annihilating an ecosystem for political appearances is not my modus operandi.” So, how do you know when you’ve just watched a great film? Not a good film but a great film? Film is such an accretion of magical sleight-of-hand, such an array of hidden talents that I think you have to feel it. In your…

  • American Heritage

    White North Americans have an identity vacuum that manifests as claiming to be Scottish, Irish, Welsh or whatever without any actual connection to those places, cultures or even recent lineage. It always turns out to be an ancestor fifteen rows back that they home in on and ignore the rest of the DNA mixed in…

  • Back On My 3D Rendering Bullshit Again

    Enjoy! Nick it for your desktop pic if you like!

  • Why Your iPhone Should Cost £44 Million Pounds

    I was chatting with my niece about the London Science Museum and I said that my fave exhibit is the Cray X-MP. She’s just got a brand-new iPhone 12 so I thought it might be fun to compare their stats. This is the result: I’m quite surprised Apple don’t charge that much.. 😛

  • Rage Of The Gammons!

  • Sainsburys Funds Hate Speech

    Join Stop Funding Hate and help fight the scum monetising racism.