IDF Murder 17 Year Old Obaida Jawabra

Ramallah, May 17, 2021—Israeli forces shot and killed a 17-year-old Palestinian boy today in the southern West Bank. 

Obaida Akram Abdurahman Jawabra, 17, was shot dead by Israeli forces with live ammunition today around 8 p.m. local time in Al-Arroub refugee camp located near the southern occupied West Bank city of Hebron. Obaida sustained a gunshot wound to his chest during a demonstration at the entrance of the camp located near Route 60, the main route in the West Bank connecting Hebron and Jerusalem. An Israeli soldier deployed about 70 meters (230 feet) away fired the fatal shot, according to eyewitnesses interviewed by Defense for Children International – Palestine.

Israeli forces blocked the entrance to Al-Arroub camp, preventing an ambulance from reaching him, so Obaida was transported in a private car to a medical center in the town of Beit Fajjar where he was pronounced dead, according to information collected by DCIP. Later, Obaida’s body was transferred to Al-Ahli hospital in Hebron. 

“It is becoming shockingly clear to the international community that Israeli forces kill children with impunity,” said Ayed Abu Eqtaish the accountability program director at DCIP. “Systemic impunity ensures there are no safe spaces for Palestinian children living under Israeli occupation. They can be killed at any moment with no accountability.” 

In 2018, as part of a relationship developed through DCIP’s legal aid to Obaida and his family, Obaida agreed to be the subject of a short film produced by DCIP. The film OBAIDA by Matthew Cassel focused on Obaida’s experience as a Palestinian child arrested by Israeli forces and prosecuted in Israeli military courts.

(Source: Defence For Children International)

The Israeli Defence Force murdered 17yo Obaida two days ago. He was in a refugee camp.

He was first arrested at 14. His crime – throwing stones.

Now he’s yet another child murdered by the IDF. One of the 63 killed so far in this recent attack on Gaza.

Framing The Discourse / Lying By Omission

There was a huge march in London today. Against Israel’s brutal attacks on civilians in Gaza and in defence of the Palestinians. But if you just glanced at the front page of the BBC, this is what you’d see:

Thousands protest in London over Gaza violence
Organisers urge the UK government to help end the fighting between Israel and Palestinian militants

When you click through, THEN and only then, do you get this:

Thousands of people have marched through central London in support of the Palestinians amid ongoing fighting between Israel and militants in Gaza.

The organisers of the protest called on the UK government to stop allowing what they described as “Israel’s brutal violence against and oppression of the Palestinian people”.

Demonstrators marched to the Israeli embassy chanting “free Palestine”.

It comes after the worst week of violence in Gaza and Israel since 2014.

At least 139 people have been killed in Gaza and nine in Israel since the fighting began on Monday.

Israel says dozens of militants are among the dead in Gaza, while Palestinian health officials say nearly half are women and children.

(Source: BBC News)

Notice the difference between the front page summary and the actual news article?

It’s with little tricks like this that the BBC distorts the reality of protest marches against Israel. The casual reader would skip over it and think, ‘Ahh, they want everyone on both sides to stop the violence.’


The protest was specifically to protest against Israel’s horrendous attacks on civilians and their shelling of buildings containing women and children. It was not ‘Protest against Gaza violence’ it was ‘Protest against Israeli violence.’

The sly treachery of the BBC is unbelievable.